Prince Vladimir from Kusmi Tea

Prince VladimirThe fragrance of this tea is so very delightful, yet quite difficult to put into words.  There is a definite aroma of classic Earl Grey, together with hints of vanilla and cloves, and even a touch of musky smokiness.

What is so intriguing about the fragrance is that the bergamot is not the only citrus you can smell; there is a definite layer of grapefruit, as well as lemon.  So, like I said, it’s quite difficult to put into words this incredible scent… unless “very yummy smelling” can be classified as a scent.

After being won over by the scent of this tea, I could hardly wait to brew a cup, and I’m pleased to state that the flavor transcends the fragrance.  A very strong base of Black Teas mingles harmoniously with vanilla, citrus, and spice.  The combination of flavors awakens the palate!  There is a slight astringency that I find pleasantly clean, along with a lingering aftertaste of sweet vanilla and warm cloves.

But make no mistake, despite the unique blend of flavors here; the black tea flavor is the most prominent characteristic of this tea.   It is a robust, full-bodied black tea with a whisper of smokiness that would be quite enjoyable any time of the day.  It would be especially welcome in the mid-day when one is looking for that much needed pick-me-up to get through the rest of the afternoon.

Kusmi Tea describes this tea as

Blend of Chinese black tea flavored with citrus, vanilla and spices. A Kusmi Tea must-have.

Tasting advice: delicious plain or sweetened.

I agree with the description – this is absolutely a “must-have.”  The second infusion is quite lovely as well with the flavors mellowing just a bit.  The flavor of this tea is quite sensational.

I would recommend this tea be consumed hot as some of the multiple layers of flavor here may be obscured by the cooler temperatures.  It is good served without sweetener, but just a small amount of sweetener brought out some of the more delicate characteristics of the tea, so I do recommend adding just a small amount of sugar (or agave nectar!) to enhance the overall flavor.

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Steven Knoerr

I have to concur. I do not drink flavored teas, but I make an exception for the Kusmi teas. The aromas are complex and intriguing, masterfully blended. I have been known to give Prince Vladimir as Christmas presents to friends and family.

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