Pu-Erh Cakes (2000 vintage) from BhakTea

Pu-Erh Cakes from BhakTea

This is an incredibly lovely nine-year-old {en:Pu-erh} tea! These small, compact {en:Tea_brick|bricks} are easy to break with your fingers, allowing you to break off smaller portions for different cup sizes.Since the tea is so compact, you don’t need to use much!

Even if you plan on re-brewing the leaves – just a quarter of a {en:Tea_brick|brick} was perfect for a small teacup with multiple brewings.

BhakTea describes this tea as:

{en:Pu-erh} is a very unique tea. The leaves are slightly fermented, then pressed under great weight into cakes. These cakes are then aged for several years to bring out its characteristic deep, earthy flavor. It is the only tea that actually increases in flavor and value as it ages. Much like wine, Pu-Erh Tea is commonly sold by vintage, with very old cakes sometimes selling for thousands of dollars.

This pu-erh is from year 2000, and is smooth and sweet. When you brew this tea in a glass infuser, let it steep for a couple of minutes and give it a stir for a sudden burst of color. The small bricks are very convenient for travel.

BhakTea (a clever play on the Sanskrit word for loving the Divine, “{en:Bhakti}”) is the tea company that I purchased these from on Etsy, and I’m really impressed with the quality of the tea.   Upon the first brewing , the tea produced a gorgeous clear mahogany brown color and a warm, earthy aroma.   The taste of the first brewing of these bricks is extremely mellow, with the flavor of fine aged teas mingling with a smoky yet strongly astringent aftertaste.

And one of the more wonderful benefits of Pu-Erh tea – besides being rumored to be fantastic for weight loss – is that not only can you re-brew the tea leaves many times, you are encouraged to do so!  With Pu-Erh tea, you get a different (but quite nice!) result with each subsequent brewing.

With the second brewing of this Pu-Erh tea from BhakTea, it really brought out the Green Tea flavors of the tea – lots of green, grassy notes, in contrast to the more mellow, smoky flavor of the first brewing.  The third brewing was noticably weaker than the first two, but still very pleasant in flavor – this time less astringent and more airy!

While I truly enjoy drinking this tea, I think I’m going to store most of it in a clean dry place for as long as I can, and call it an investment!

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Thanks so much for the nice review!
I’m really glad you’re enjoying your Pu-erh. It really is a very special tea, and hopefully this review will get the word out and more people will give it a try.


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