Pumpkin Spice from Tim Hortons

Pumpkin Spice TeaI never thought I’d be reviewing a tea from Canada’s most famous coffee shop but I could not pass this one up! It has become a favourite of mine. Although the packaging states this tea is a “herbal tea” it has Rooibos listed as its first ingredient, which is why I’ve included in the Rooibos category.

This oh-so-delicious tea was released by Tim Horton’s last September and was only available for a limited time (until early Early November). The smell reminds me of autumn;  spice and pumpkin pie are the main things that come to mind. The smell is delicious and brings back many wonderful memories of Thanksgiving and Halloween.

The most prominent aromas are pumpkin spice, and cinnamon with a very slight hint of the sweetness of red Rooibos. The taste of this tea is just as wonderful as the smell! Cinnamon and pumpkin spice are the most prominent flavours with a hint of the sweetness of Rooibos. This is a very tasty tea to drink and is very smooth and relaxing. The colour is a very deep, pretty amber.

Tim Horton’s describes this tea as:

Ingredients:  {en:Rooibos} tea, {en:chamomile}, black pepper, natural & artificial flavours, {en:cinnamon} bark, {en:licorice} root.

I recommend steeping this tea for five to seven minutes. The one thing I like about this tea is it seems you can’t over-steep it! I find the taste is sweet enough so I don’t need any additional sweetner but sometimes I do add some extra cinnamon. Actually, I highly recommend adding extra cinnamon to this tea because it makes it that much more delicious!

This tea has become an evening favourite of mine and I usually have it a couple times a week. It is such a nice, smooth, relaxing tea to drink. In the Autumn, I would often take it with me on an evening walk; it is nice to sip while walking on a calm, crisp Autumn night. My only complaint about this tea is that Tim Horton’s does not have it available year round! I’m hoping they’ll bring it back for this Autumn and maybe make it a permanent addition to the teas they have to offer!



I absolutely love Tim Hortons Pumpkin Spice Tea!!! I’m counting down til October (I think that’s when I first tried it lastyear)…this year, I’m going to buy a few cartons of it!!! MMM!!! Delicious!



First of all, let me say thank-you for visiting the teareviewblog! Good to have a fellow Canadian (I’m guessing you’re Canadian is you know Tim Horton’s! ;)) stop by. 🙂

I, too, am counting down the days until Tim Horton’s has their Pumpkin Spice back again. And good idea about buying a few cartons of it when they bring it back!

I’ve been meaning to review more of Tim Horton’s teas, especially their Green tea and Chamomile tea. Both of those are great!


I have only ever tried the Peppermint tea…perhaps I should try the Chamo or Green teas there too…just can’t wait til the Pumpkin spice, I can smell it now! LOL I like a little splenda in it 🙂 you? Oh yes, I’m Canadian! From Newfoundland but living in Alberta. YOurself?


Definitely give the other teas at Tim Horton’s a try (especially the Green & Chamomile. Oh, and Apple Cinnamon!). I’ve never tried Splenda in the Pumpkin Spice…but I am going to give that a try! I found another Pumpkin Spice tea by Stash Tea and it is not nearly as good as Timmy’s…but it does in a pinch! I’m in southwestern Ontario…lived here my whole life.


I LOVE PUMPKIN SPICE TEA! Just bought a box…I’m gonna buy a few more to tide me over…we should start a petition to have Tim Horton’s offer this heavenly blend 365 days of the year!

Patti Sumida

Can someone please tell me where I can purchase Tim Horton’s pumpkin spice tea?

The Tea Guru

I don’t know if you are in the US or Canada but you can purchase any of their teas online at: http://shopus.timhortons.com


At Tim Horton’s lol


Are they selling it this year I can’t find it at any of the Tim Hortons I’ve gone to

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