Punjana from Thompsons

Punjana from ThompsonsThis tea is from Thompsons who have bought and blended some of the worlds finest teas.

A family run business for over 100 years Thompsons now go on to bigger and better things claiming several Great Taste Awards for their blends.

Here’s where it starts… So I am sat ready with my China cup and a pack of Punjana and my kettle has just boiled – I am really exited about this. I start pouring just off the boil water onto my bag and let the brewing commence, leaving the tea for a few minutes whilst I savour the aroma and collect milk from the fridge.

Minutes later I take a sip of the dark nectar before adding the milk. The tea is woody, earthy and very refreshing on a dull day- just perfect for those gloomy winter mornings!

I then add milk. I feel the tea comes alive giving it a creamy comforting flavour that is the colour of golden sandy beaches-No sugar please this doesn’t need any help!

There is absolutely nothing I can fault about this tea, its refreshing, tasty and comforting- what more could I want?

The quote “We love it…we think you will too!” is very fitting as this is quite possibly my hero Kenyan Assam.


Thompsons describes this tea as-

“Only the finest Assam and Kenyan teas are selected for Punjana.

This Guild of fine foods 2 Gold Star Winner is recognized as having real depth of flavour whilst displaying a bright refreshing cup. 

Punjana enjoys an ever increasing following from those who yearn for tea with more taste and flavour”.


Having tried the Punjana before reading the Thompsons description I think it’s safe to say I agree entirely with their statement.

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Tea Defines Me

I have to say i couldnt agree with you more Tea Guru! Having drudged through a lot of mediocre tea here in the UK i have FINALLY come across something spectacular! Something i know i can happily commit the rest of my life to – and thats really saying something! From what i have read on the Punjana blog it sounds like their Titanic blend has won 3 Gold Stars in the Guild of Fine Foods Awards. Apparently something no other blended tea bag in the UK has EVER achieved!! Im glad my tastebuds have been vindicated!

Btw, i clicked on your link there for buying some Punjana and it took me to Amazon — did you know you can actually buy it for (much,much) cheaper directly from their website (www.punjana.com) and seems they will post anywhere in the world! Great news for when im far afield and in desperate need of a perfect everyday cuppa’!

Love the blog, keep up the good work!

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