Pure Flower Jasmine from In Nature Teas

Pure Flower Jasmine from In Nature TeasPure Flower Jasmine tea from In Nature Teas is a tea whose name speaks for itself.  From the moment I opened the signature silver-lined box, my entire kitchen was awash with a clean, bright aroma of fresh jasmine and light Green Tea.  Grass and honey notes are also present, but subdued and subtle.  Each pearl is about the size of a small pea, and showcases the high quality leaves. Bright green, and silver, it is s appealing to the eyes as it is to the nose.

The liquor too is just as enchanting.  Light yellow in color, it makes for the perfect backdrop for the tippy, spear like leaves. Whole leaves and buds open in a floral dance of jasmine, reminiscent of a mid-summer’ eve.

In Nature Teas has this to say about their Pure Flower Jasmine Tea:

Jasmine Superior, Molin Hua, Dragon’s Pearls

This a top quality flower (jasmine) tea created from only the finest leaves, buds and flowers picked early in the morning to ensure freshness of aroma and flavour.

The tea brews to a pale yellow colour and the beautifully subtle floral aroma invites you to drink.

The flavor of course is floral in that it has a jasmine focus.  Not usually my favorite, as most floral-focused teas are a bit overwhelming for my palate, however in this case In Nature Teas once again show their dedication to quality and skill by bringing together the best of  possible flavors of green tea and jasmine.  This results in an extremely high quality and incredibly aromatic tea.  The freshness of grass, and light crisp citrus flavors marry well with the jasmine, and neither is too much.  Honey, and slight ginger notes come forward in the second brew of the leaves.

Sweetener is not necessary, but, a splash of citrus adds a lovely depth. Iced, again, this tea stands alone, and refreshes while not being too strong.  Accompany this with a salad of bitter greens and herbs, or cottage cheese and melon for a tasty, and healthy brunch.  For a refreshing adult beverage, make cubes of this and shake with a top shelf  light rum and a dash of Collins mix for a refreshing cocktail by the pool.

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Hmmm..I can imagine the smile just by reading your article. I hope I can personally smell the Tea.

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