Raspberry Matcha From Tea’s Me

Raspberry Matcha From Tea's MeI love love love matcha Green Tea! So any matcha samples are warmly received.

I’ve never tried the matcha and raspberry combo before, so I’m excited when Tea’s Me’s Raspberry Matcha blend comes through the post.

The packaging is nice and minimalist, in a clean white, re-sealable pouch – which is important with matcha tea since oxygen exposure degrades its quality.

It’s also great to see on the back of the pack that this is a product of Japan – too many matcha green teas are from Korea, Taiwan, China and elsewhere. It’s not true matcha unless it is grown and manufactured in Japan using their traditional techniques.

Upon opening the pack, a strong raspberry smell escapes with undertones of grassy matcha – a combination made in heaven!

When I pour the warm water on the matcha powder, as usual with matcha, the water turns a deep, cloudy green – it just looks instantly like a healthy drink. The raspberry fragrance also intensifies as the water hits the blend, filling the room with a sweet fruity aroma.

I must admit I was slightly disappointed to see sugar in the ingredient list, as I like my matcha unadulterated and unsweetened – but I also appreciate the fact that matcha alone is an acquired taste, so sweetening the blend may make this appeal to a wider audience of tea drinkers.

Upon drinking, it’s a sweet, fruity tea, and I can imagine it working well with milk as a latte or cold as an iced tea.

Here’s what Tea’s Me say about their blend:

Our tea is a premium grade matcha tea with raspberry extract. The matcha is of pure quality from Japan and is not mixed or cut with any other powder. This provides our tea with a deep vibrant green color and rich full flavor or matcha. We have also added pure cane sugar and raspberry extract to give the matcha a little sweeter taste and amazing flavor of raspberry that does not over power the pallet. When you make the matcha, let stand for 1 to 2 minutes this allows the flavor of raspberry to become more distinct.

This is all-in-all a great matcha tea, and I’ll certainly be finishing the rest of this pouch very quickly!


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I have tried Tea’s Me before of Amazon and that has to be the best Matcha that I have tried. The raspberry isn’t over powering the flavor of the tea at all. Really a good find, I was surprised to see a post about it because flavored matcha is just catching on.


Wow. That sounds like a very interesting blend. I haven’t tried a flavored matcha yet, but I may be so inclined. I do like sweet and fruity flavors. I’ll keep an eye on this one.

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