Raspberry Oolong from A.C. Perch’s

Raspberry Oolong from A.C. Perch'sThis Raspberry Oolong smells like Oolong and raspberry – simple, but far from plain.

The taste is great! It’s a true flavored oolong and a flavorful flavored oolong! It’s very good! Very good indeed!

I attempted a 2nd infusion as I had a little mishap with the first one, it ended up on my keyboard after 3 sips! Oops!

The 2nd infusion was just as good!

I am totally digging this Oolong!

A.C. Perch’s describes this tea as:

Very tasty Oolong Tea with raspberry taste. Great flavour. Infuse for 8 minutes and boiling water.

Just when I was ready to give up on finding a good, solid raspberry flavored Oolong I find this gem!  YAY!

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I definitely like the looks of this one. Those big chunky dried fruit pieces look delish!

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