Raspberry Rooibos from Tea For All Reasons

Raspberry Rooibos

I am a creature of habit and as such, I am almost completely devoted to green and White Tea.  But I decided that it was time to branch out and finally try Rooibos.

I selected Raspberry Rooibos from Tea For All Reasons | TFAR Etsy. This is how they describe this particular flavor:

“For those who love the tart, unmistakable flavor of raspberry, this is the one for you! With the addition of honeybush and sunflower blossoms, this tea is a true winner. Great hot or iced.”

I thought this was perfect for me:   I do love the tart unmistakable flavor of raspberry and I love a tea that I can drink hot or cold!

The smell:   It had just a hint of raspberry and the honeybush and sunflower definitely gave it a very earthy, warm fragrance.

The taste:   Overall the tea was very enjoyable. As I expected, the warm flavors from the honeybush and sunflower helped to neutralize the sweetness of the raspberry. But I could have used more raspberry. Like I said, I enjoy the fruit’s flavor and other than the tea being sweet I couldn’t really taste it. My suggestion would be to steep the tea for as much as five minutes. The full complexity of the blend, especially the raspberry component, began to emerge when the tea was stronger.

But this tea also tastes especially good cold. I found that its natural sweetness made it very refreshing and it didn’t have any of the cloudiness you can get from home-brewed iced tea. I could easily see myself drinking this tea while reading a book on the beach (I can dream, can’t I?).

In closing, it was a fine tea. I wouldn’t recommend it for an everyday tea; after a couple of cups I was kind of over it. But try it both hot and cold and I think you’ll enjoy it.



I love tart flavors like raspberry and cranberry, Will try this new tea. Thanks for a great blog!


YUM that sounds like tea I would like!

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