Red Peony Rosettes from TeaNY

Red Peony Rosettes from TeanyRed Peony Rosettes from TeaNY is an artisan tea bloom but not a ball…so it is pretty much already unfurled prior to infusion but the leaves in the artisan tea bloom plump out more once wet.

This has a gentler flavor than most Black Teas.  It’s slightly bakey with a pleasant aftertaste.

TeaNY describes this tea as:

A rare China black tea made from tender young leaf buds which, after going through the process of black tea production, are carefully hand tied to form the shape of a flower. during the infusion the rosettes slowly open up to resemble a “peony”. the flavorful and aromatic infusion has a light, natural sweetness and faint, biscuity notes. stands up well to multiple infusions and does not turn bitter

I’ll admit – most flowering teas or blooming teas that I have tried so far have been green, whites, or actual flower type teas.  I think this may be the first black tea in this form that I have had so far.  I will say I am a fan and am now on the search for more black flowering or blooming teas!

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