Regular Black Tea from PG Tips

1052-297947-hero_blck_te_reg240_460x50-pg tipsGood Morning tea-lovers!

On this gloomy, snowy Friday morning I have decided to reach for my trusty everyday brew.

Here we have regular Black Tea from PG Tips (a personal favourite of mine).

This tea reminds me of when I was younger and my mum and dad gave me my very own cup and I used to have a cup of tea on a weekend. I remember the taste being really fresh and delicious.

I prepare my kettle for boil.

I will also add that even though this tea is in bagged form it is most certainly worthy of a china cup.

My kettle has now boiled so I pour the just boiled liquid over the teabag and let it infuse for a couple of minutes.

I notice that as soon as the water hits the bag the liquid turns golden brown and gives off a very fresh aroma.

Pyramid teabags are said by some to be a lot better than the ordinary teabags you tend to see as they give the tea more room to infuse, therefore giving a better flavour.

I am not sure whether I believe this entirely as I have tried some very tasty square bagged teas before, I just know that I really like this.

A couple of minutes have passed so I take out the milk from the fridge and pour into my golden liquor. I notice that as soon as the milk hits the liquid the tea has brewed up quite strong (just how i like it). I must add I never take sugar in any of my beverages.

I stir the liquid gently (just once) and take a small sip.

This tea is just perfect for refreshment and I also find it smooth and clean tasting.

PG Tips describes this tea as-

The eighth wonder of the world!

Our cleverly designed pyramid bags give the tea leaves room to move, so you can get even more of the great PG tips flavour.

Overall this tea is light, refreshing, clean, flavour some… I could actually go on quite a bit. Thank you PG Tips!

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Regular Black Tea from PG Tips: A lovely blend of light refreshment-perfect for gloomy days and when in need f…

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