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What is a Tea Review Package?

Our Tea Review Package is the ultimate promotional package for tea companies wanting additional direct “in-market” publicity for their teas and brand from tea lovers and buyers who are looking for new teas to add to their cupboard.

It also includes many other benefits including a link to your website/store from each review (for traffic and for SEO), an email newsletter broadcast, social sharing, search engine presence and more.

Here’s a full list of what our Tea Review Package includes:

  • A permanent review of your tea by an expert here at Tea Review Blog, highlighting the main flavour characteristics of your brand’s tea and ease of preparation among other things*.
  • A link to your website or store from the review where our readers can find out more information about your tea and/or purchase it.
  • A link from our blog also has a strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization) benefit – has a Moz Domain Authority of 34, meaning it is a high quality blog through the eyes of Google and other search engines. A contextual, editorial link from a DA 34 blog will increase the search engine rankings of your website or store bringing you even more traffic down the line beyond what this blog will bring directly.
  • Your review will sit on the front page of our blog and will be exposed to all new and existing readers that come to our blog looking for new teas to buy.
  • Your review will also rank high in the search engines and will be visible to anyone wanting to buy your tea. Most buyers do a quick Google search to look for reviews before purchasing a product online. If they like the sound of your tea then they are much more likely to buy your tea having read something positive on our blog, as opposed to having read nothing at all or something negative.
  • An email broadcast to our 20,000+ newsletter subscribers letting them know that we have reviewed your tea and where they can buy it.
  • Social sharing and tweeting to our 10,000+ social followers across our Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest profiles, which also often get reshared and retweeted for additional viral social network publicity. Social signals also help with SEO.

* The reviews at Tea Review Blog are unbiased and honest, however, we believe in good karma too and the age old adage “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”, so we’re not going to slam your tea with negative publicity either. If our reviewers notice any characteristics that they find unpleasant about your tea then we prefer to not mention them and focus on the positive characteristics of your tea.

The Procedure

After placing your order you will be taken to a page where you can submit some information about your teas (nothing too extensive, just the tea name and your manufacturer’s description) and let us know where you would like us to link to on your website for our readers to purchase it. We will also give you our shipping address (UK) in order for you to send the teas to our reviewers. After we receive them please allow us 1-3 weeks for the teas to be tasted and the reviews to be published on the blog. Please also send enough to make at least 7 cups of each blend so we can taste the tea over a 7-day period in order to build up a full flavour profile of the tea and give a more in-depth review. If you send more we might give it to multiple tasters to collaborate on. The reason for 7 days is because we taste a lot of tea so we want to be as thorough and accurate as we can be.


Our Tea Review Packages costs just $99 $49 for the next 17 orders.

Number of Reviews


1. What makes you so qualified to review tea?

We drink it. No seriously, when you think about it, that’s probably the main prerequisite for reviewing anything at all is having experienced it…a lot. Both myself and each member of our 12-member panel of reviewers have one thing in common – our shared passion and knowledge of tea. I’ve been reviewing teas professionally for almost 5 years, and some of our panel members have more experience than that!

2. You’ve reviewed a tea from our company, may we use this in our website or in our advertising?

Absolutely! We hope that you will link to our reviews of your tea from those pages on your website or blogs that sell that tea. In fact you may use our reviews in your advertising efforts too (think “As seen on Tea Review Blog!”).

Here’s a great badge you can use on your site:

As Reviewed By Tea Review Blog


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