Rickshaw Oolong from Unilever Foodsolutions

Rickshaw Oolong from Unilever FoodsolutionsI brewed a few cups of Rickshaw Oolong Tea during the Chinese New Year in mid February. However the precious 4-days-off of the holiday, it seemed to leave a blankness. Read a book? There are too many words. Watch TV shows? The same sort of program has been repeated for dozens of years. Watch a movie? The formula is dated. “Like” on Facebook? Yeah, it’s fun sometimes, but it can’t kill much time.

I was desperate for a sense of achievement and some pleasure. I wandered, and yes, you know what happened next. Surprisingly, I found a discount of 50% for teas in the supermarket. A box of 50g tea cost no more than 2 cans of coke. It was not an exquisite one and obviously cheap. (In other words, average) I bought Green Tea, pu-erh, Black Tea and oolong tea, one box each. I needed to convince myself that it was a good buy.

The oolong tea pieces smelled a little bit irritating and I hesitated to steep the tea too long, although I usually delight in mild bitter notes and its energizing character. The liquid was golden enough and there was a subtle vegetal flavor with quite sweet aftertaste. Okay, you know what quality oolong tea should be: moderately oxidized, thick, mellow and so on. Rickshaw Oolong Tea does not possess many of these attributes. Compared with quality Tie Guan Yin, for example, there is much room for improvement. But if putting price into consideration, Rickshaw Oolong Tea is definitely worth sipping.

Buying something cheap is one thing. Holding a cup of tea that I enjoy and then plan for the coming months is another. It is luxury. Still, it can be frugality. It is retrospective. It is prospective. It is time for myself. It is time not for others. A Chinese saying goes: “The whole year’s work depends on a good start in spring. The whole day’s work depends on a good start in the morning.” I had already set my 2010’s targets few months ago. The start might not be perfect. Luckily, the plan is now re-launched in the very first week of this Lunar year. The muse of tea urged me to take a break, probably the longest break that I would have in 2010, and then put things into practice.

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