Roasted Oolong from Zhi Tea

Roasted OolongI have had the opportunity to try only a few of the teas offered by Zhi Tea; however, I’ve been quite impressed with what I’ve tried thus far.

And I am really enjoying this Roasted Oolong.  The flavor is very complex:  toasted and nutty and just slightly buttery with hints of fruit and floral notes.  It tastes very smooth and has a thick mouthfeel which is very pleasant.

The flavor of this tea resembles a green Oolong – with an additional dimension of flavor brought on by the roasting of the leaves.  The toasty, buttery essence of this tea is a perfect union of flavors.  It tastes so indulgent!  A perfect tea to enjoy on a chilly evening such as this – it has a cozy, luxurious feeling to it.

Zhi Tea describes this Oolong as

One of our Artisan Reserve organic Oolong Teas, a line of small batch handmade teas from a craft handed down over generations. Hand selected for having all the hallmark qualities of the highest grades with notable personality accents.

This is a Roasted Fancy Oolong tea from May 09, stored in a vacuum seal.

We grabbed all we could of this tea and it wasn’t much, but hey, it’s something. Actually, that is an understatement. It is awesome.

Highly fermented and high fired, this tea has an initial roasted acorn/pecan flavor that slowly melds into a really complex floral/fruit body. The finish is long and honeysuckle-like with mist notes at the end. Superb hand picked tea crafted by an expert. Limited.

TOPA Certified Organic Tea

AKA Charcoal Oolong; Roasted Oolong

This is a tea that I recommend drinking hot – it’s too good to ruin with a chill!  I also recommend drinking it without sweetening it, it has a very lovely, nutty sweetness to it that would be overwhelmed by the addition of sugar.

A truly delightful Oolong from Zhi Tea.

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So many delicious teas out there; however, my favorite is
matcha green tea powder because it’s the healthiest tea nature offers!

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