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Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this luscious blend aptly entitled “Romance” really puts one in a romantic mood!

It’s hard to pinpoint my favorite part of this tea, as the appearance is striking with it’s gold {en:Dragees|dragées} and diamond rock sugar, the aroma is absolutely alluring with it’s deep rich chocolate notes against a strong Black Tea base, and the taste is to-die-for with sweet, succulent chocolate and hints of berry.

Tea For All Reasons | TFAR Etsy describes this tea as:

A truly romantic chocolate black tea with tiny chocolate kisses, juicy cherry bits and a sprinkling of “diamonds and pearls” for an elegant touch. The blend looks so extravagant but the price will definitely please.

This tea is similar in taste to TFAR’s Chocolate Strawberry Black Tea, however it is sweeter, and much more intense.  The perfect Valentine’s Day tea!! Buy this as a Valentine’s Day gift for the tea lover in your life, they will thank you for it ( I know I would!).   Be sure to check out Tea For All Reason’s other Valentine’s Day Specialty Tea Blends as well, including “Read My Lips“, “Sweet Hearts“, “Chocolate Kisses” and many others!  Also check out our review on Chocolate and Roses, another lovely TFAR Valentine’s Day blend.

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Thanks once again for a lovely review of my tea. You have a wonderful way with words that just make one’s mouth water!

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