Rosebud Tea by Shuang Le

Before I start this review let me tell you that I am not the biggest fan of rose tea. There has been an occasional black rose tea that I have enjoyed, but for the most part, anything with the word “rose” in it usually makes my mouth feel like I’ve swallowed some of my grandmother’s old perfume.

Well, I like this tea so much that I actually refused to believe it was roses. I had it first at a tea shop and while I could clearly see the red buds (which someone identified as roses) I said there was no way it could be as it tasted nothing like roses. I realized I was wrong when I ran to the store to get my hands on some of this delicious “red flower” tea and found out indeed it is roses.

The real difference here is that it is rose buds, not the full flower. It is a small difference, but I think it makes a big change in the flavor. As roses mature they get more flowery/perfume scented, but when picked and dried while they are still young it has a very different flavor.

The first thing that comes to mind when I taste rosebud tea is, don’t laugh, strawberry fruit roll-ups I ate when I was a kid. I know it sounds a little strange, especially as the tea tastes nothing like strawberries, it’s just that there is this citrus-y tang to the tea that I remember being in the fruit roll-ups. As you lift the cup up to your mouth you can smell the fruity tang and immediately my mouth begins to salivate in anticipation.

It does smell and taste slightly flowery (my husband says he can taste it right away) but I feel like it is more subtle then most flower teas. Even if you leave it to steep for a long time, the taste is very light and fresh. Because there is nothing added the tea brews to a nice light yellow color.

The flowers also look quite nice in the cup. They are tight closed buds, but after you steep them for awhile they open slightly and get richer in color. These are one of those teas best served in a glass teapot so everyone can enjoy looking at it as well as drinking it.



Becky: This sounds pretty good… wanna do a mini swap? You can send me some of this, and I’ll send you some of the teas I have in my stash? Now that I’m a tea consumer and not a tea business any more, I have LOTS of tea on hand!


Yeah, actually I would LOVE to. Would you be willing to send it to china? Let’s email each other for details.

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