Rosy Earl Grey from Teas Etc

Rosy Earl Grey from Teas EtcI can completely understand why this tea won an honorable mention at the World Tea Championship.   In fact, before I even begin this review, let me state for the record that this is my new favorite Earl Grey.  I’ve even just updated the “Our Favorite Teas” list to include that tidbit of information.

This is, without a doubt, the loveliest Earl Grey blend I’ve ever tasted.  The ingredients are simple yet very delicious when combined.  Teas Etc starts with a light to medium premium Ceylon Black Tea base, then adds the loveliest jasmine Green Tea, and then adds rose petals and bergamot flavoring to complete this masterpiece.  A black and green Earl Grey with rose and jasmine flavors…simply bliss.

Teas Etc describes this tea as:

This inspiring blend of Jasmine green tea, Earl Grey black tea and rose petals has become one of our most popular.

While I’d like to take all the credit for creating the blend, I can’t. On a quest to find some consistency, a customer from NYC, Beverly, called with a request that I make up something with the combination of these ingredients. A conversation or two later our Rosy Earl Grey, (aka Beverly’s Blend), was unveiled.

Aromatic with a smooth floral character Rosy Earl Grey is tasty hot or iced.

This is a unique tea blend that I’ve only been able to find at Teas Etc.  A gorgeous blend that has a smooth, delicious light to medium bodied character.  As delicious at 5 am as it is at 5 pm.   The aroma of the dried leaves as well as the final brew is just absolutely stunning.  The scent of jasmine and roses gives it a prominent floral note, but the citrus of the bergamot counters that with a crisp flavor and aroma.  The key part to making this such a beautiful tea is balancing all the flavors so that one does not overwhelm the rest, and Teas Etc has wildly succeeded at that in regards to this blend.  A very high quality tea, and one of my new favorites!



Oh my goodness!!! This sounds fantastic!!! I HAVE to get myself some – my kind of tea!!!!

I like Earl Gray… I love florals – especially rose … I love mixes of black and green tea… and I LOVE Ceylon! What could be better for me?

Thank you so much for sharing this review with us!


Oh man, my spouse is an Earl Grey fanatic and loves jasmine too – gotta get some of this for him!

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