Russian Evening N°50 from Kusmi Tea

Russian Evening

Whenever “Russian” is in the name of a tea, I tend to shy away from it for fear that it might be a bit too smoky for my taste buds.  I don’t mind if there is a slightly smoky essence to the tea – in fact, in some teas I quite enjoy it, but when a tea has an overwhelming or predominate smoky flavor, I don’t usually like it.

So when I received this sample of Russian Evening tea, I was apprehensive.  After smelling the tea – woodsy tones, delicate notes of spice, with the slightest smoky edge – I decided to give it a try.

This blend of Darjeeling and Chinese Black Teas creates a remarkable flavor that dances upon the palate.  There is very little to no smoke flavor to this tea, which is probably why I find it so appealing.  The flavor is smooth, and there is a mild to medium astringency to the tea that leaves a clean finish, with hints of musk and spice in the aftertaste.

Kusmi Tea describes this tea as

Blend of black teas from China and Darjeeling

Appearance : furled whole leaf
Colour: very dark and coppery green, verging on black

Tasting advice: delicious plain or sweetened, this low-caffeine tea is ideal for the evening.

If a bold, brisk tea (such as Keemun or Assam) is an ideal breakfast or morning tea, then this is truly an ideal evening tea.   Not as strong or full-bodied as a typical breakfast blend, this tea has a light yet vibrant appeal that works well for the relaxed, slower pace of your evening.

A small amount of sweetener brings depth to some of the spice undertones in this tea, although I found the tea to be very enjoyable without sweetener too. However, I do recommend drinking this hot.  It is a very welcome tea to curl up to on chilly autumn evenings, perhaps next to a fireplace, reading a favorite book.  This Russian tea has given me a reason to rethink my reaction to Russian teas – it’s absolutely delightful!



I can remember back in the 80s when Kusmichoff tea was still quite hard to get – despite their office in France, they were as hard to get in the US as if they were behind the iron curtain. I used to order their teas from a catalog that also sold surplus Soviet military uniforms! I’m so glad they are easier to get now – I love their strong blends!


BunRab: That’s really interesting to hear a little bit about the history of this company. Thanks for the information! I think I am going to place an order with them soon, because the tins are cool! 🙂

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