Saguaro Blossom Cactus from Tohono Chul Park

Saguaro Blossom Cactus TeaIf you will recall from my review of their Prickly Pear Cactus Tea, I loved my visit to Tucson’s Tohono Chul Park.  While I was there this past summer, I picked up two cactus teas, the aforementioned Prickly Pear, and this tea:  {en:Saguaro} Blossom Cactus Tea.

Of the two, this one is definitely my favorite.  This tea possesses an exquisite sweetness that I would not describe as sugary sweet, but more of like a berry-fruity sweetness, much like a fruit salad composed of a bounty of fresh strawberries that have been ripened in the summer sun, as well as crisp apples and juicy honeydew melons.

After reading the ingredient list (provided below), I realize why I taste the strawberry – it’s in there!  But it doesn’t taste entirely of strawberry.  The {en:Saguaro} cactus fruit provides its own interesting flavor that I would describe as sort of apple-melon-ish, which creates a real depth of fruit flavor.  This tea finishes with only a slight tartness that sort of tingles on the tongue, and although there is this hint of tartness, I certainly would not classify this tea as a tart tea.  It is pleasantly sweet, with a lovely, smooth flavor.

Tohono Chul Park describes this tea as

The adversity endured by the giant saguaro cactus is incredible.  Approximately 1% of saguaro seedlings survive the first year.  It takes 3 years to reach a hight of one half inch.  After 50 years most saguaros blossom for the first time.  Out of approximately 40 million seeds produced by a saguaro in 100 years of blooming, perhaps only one will develop into a mature plant which produces fruit.  According to Native American legend, the first saguaro cactus was created when a girl sank into the ground and rose back up as a giant cactus, arms raised to the sky.  We bring you a taste of the Southwest desert in this limited edition Saguaro Blossom Cactus Tea

Ingredients:  Rosehips, Rose Leaves, Strawberries, {en:Saguaro} Cactus Fruit, Natural Flavors.

This is a tea that would be delicious served hot or iced.  It’s cold right now, so I’m drinking it hot, but, when I first bought the package, I tried some iced, and it was very good.  I add a drizzle of agave nectar and it enhances the berry flavor quite a bit, although it’s pretty good without sweetener too.  I really like this particular tea with a slice of lemon.

This tea is available from the La Fuente gift shop located at the entrance of Tohono Chul Park.  I checked with the online shop but it is not currently available for purchase online through Tohono Chul Park, although you might be able to find it through a google search.  I think it would definitely be worth the effort if you’re looking for a delicious yet unusual tea.  This one certainly fits in that category!

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Great review of a VERY unusual tea~

I’m not usually one for tisanes, but I love the description. It’s like the taste gets better with every hardship the cactus endures!

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