Sally’s Secret from Harney & Sons

Sally's Secret from Harney & SonsAnyone who has read very many of my reviews is probably well aware of my fondness for Earl Grey blends.  So it should come as no surprise that I was very interested in trying this blend.  I was also very touched by the sentiment behind the creation of Sally’s Secret.

The aroma of the dry leaf is so fantastic!  The fragrance of the rose and the {en:bergamot} together create a scent that should be bottled and sold as a a fragrance oil to scent soaps, air fresheners and perfume!  It would certainly become one of my favorite scents!

And yet, such a strong, beautiful fragrance for tea can be a bit alarming, especially when considering an Earl Grey tea.  Earl Grey teas all too often come off as too perfume-y, and was hoping that this one would not fall into that familiar trap.  But, I needn’t have worried.  This is a Harney & Sons tea, after all!  They are master blenders!

And this tea is very good.  The rose and the bergamot meld together so well, with the bergamot enhancing the rose and the rose softening some of the sharper edges of the bergamot, this is a tea that I think even those who are not particularly fond of Earl Grey teas could enjoy.

The Black Tea base is a brisk, delicious tea.  It does not overwhelm and is perfectly content to allow these other flavors to develop fully in the cup without interfering, and yet at the same time, it manages to get its flavor expressed nicely.  There is no bitterness to this cup, and surprisingly very little astringency as I have come to expect more astringency than this when I drink Earl Grey teas.  There is only a slight drying sensation at the finish.

The bergamot is flavored well here, and the balance between rose and bergamot is quite charming actually – evoking images of a very romantic couple that are so well matched that they compliment each other perfectly.  That is what I am experiencing here in this teacup each time I take a sip.  A perfect match!

Harney & Sons describes Sally’s Secret as

Sally’s Secret is our celebration of life, love and fine tea. We present this aromatic blend in memory of our co-worker Sally, whose expert blending, steady friendship and love of all things pink we miss each day. Enjoy a cup of this lovely blend of our Earl Grey and pink rosebuds with a friend.

This is such a delightful Earl Grey blend that I’m astonished that it took me this long to set out to try it!  It is delicious hot or cold, but I prefer it hot because I feel that the flavors are better represented in the hot cuppa.  A small drizzle of honey or agave nectar will bring out the sweeter tones of the rose and bergamot, but additional sweetening is not necessary to enjoy this cup.

What a truly lovely tea this is.  What a fitting and honorable memorial for Sally!

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Miss Ash

I, too, have a dramatic love for Earl Greys. I can’t wait to try this one!

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