Santa’s Little Helper from Art of Tea

Santa's Little Helper from Art of TeaMy first thoughts upon opening the packet: this tea is so festive and pretty to look at! The little candy holiday pieces are very cute. When I opened the package the smell was enticing: quality tea, chocolate, slightly spiced. This tea is a mixture of both Black Tea and Pu-erh.

Once steeped the smell became much more earthy – I could still smell the chocolate and spice but also the earthy smell of the Pu-Erh was also in the aroma.  When I removed the leaves from the cup the Pu-Erh had opened up and was big and leafy, the black tea was visible and some of the candy bits were not fully dissolved.

I steeped this tea as per Art of Tea ‘s instructions: 3-5 minutes at 206 degrees and I used 1.5 tsp for my 12 oz. cup.  I did not add anything to the tea.

On the first sip of this tea I tasted the earthy Pu-Erh, the chocolate, a minty coolness,  and the sweet background notes. The black tea was not i n the forefront of the taste.  I love how this tea is earthy and sweet at the same time.  This tea has a very nice mouthfeel and the earthy flavors linger after the sip.

This is a great holiday tea for serious tea drinkers — it has a great earthy flavor while hitting all of the holiday notes: sweet, mint,  and spice.

Art of Tea describes this tea as:

Santa’s sleigh bells would not be ringing without a lift from Santa’s Little Helper. Awaken your holiday spirit with this fun and deliciously sweet infusion of rich dark teas interlaced with wintery notes of cooling mint and smooth, decadent chocolate; Steeps a wonderfully engaging cup with an expressive aroma that captivates the senses and invites you to start the day.

This tea hits all right notes of a holiday blend – and is something you could clearly drink all year long. The mint, earthy tones, chocolate, spice and sweet all play very nicely together.

Merry Christmas from the Tea Review Blog

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Sounds like a warming treat. Add a bit of yule tide cheer and family… sounds like a very merry Christmas to me. 🙂

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