Secret Garden from Blue Raven Tea

Secret Garden

There is no secret about this tea. It is flowery and fresh. Full of all natural ingredients it does not disappoint. Plus it looks and smells so pretty!

Blue Raven Tea | BRT Etsy describes this tea as:

{en:Chrysanthemum|Chrysanthemums}, rock sugarlily,  {en:azalea}, {en:peony}, roses, {en:poppy}, imperial chrysanthemums, {en:hibiscus}, vanilla and essence, will be an enchanted garden in your cup.
1 tablespoon 5-7 min. 6 oz serving.

If you are looking for a natural tasting tea then this is it. I also recommend adding some sugar or honey to sweeten it up a bit! This would be a great tea to kick off your morning!

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The Tea Guru

I don’t think you could possibly have a more floral tea! LOL It “wasn’t my cup of tea” (pun intended)…it was so strongly floral that it was a bit overwhelming to me personally. I’m glad you liked it though, it is a VERY “pretty” tea all the way around!

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