Sensual Relaxation from The Tea Set

Sensual Relaxation from The Tea SetWhat a delicious and relaxing herbal tea!  This is a fantastic bedtime tea, filled with all kinds of relaxing herbs, including {en:Rooibos}, {en:lemongrass}, {en:chamomile} and cornflower blossoms for a dash of bright blue in the mix.  There may be other herbs, as I tasted a rather mulberry-like flavor in the back of the brew, which was reminiscent of lemon myrtle.

The fragrance is a strong herbal scent with the sharp scent of lemon as a topnote and greener, sweeter undertones.  The flavor is the same, with juicy refreshing lemon  topping off a variety of herbal flavors that mix together beautifully to create a tisane that is refreshing and relaxing at the same time.

Even though it contains a relatively small amount of rooibos, I would be much more likely to classify this tea as an Herbal Tisane rather than a rooibos tisane, and they have it categorized that way on The Tea Set website as well.

The Tea Set describes this tea as:

The Sensual Relaxation from THE TEA SET – NEW YORK is a Spa in your cup. Organic. Red, yellow, grey colors, many herbs, this blended rooibos will bring our SET members in a dreamy world. Herbals have strong benefits. They have a large numbers of virtue depends on their fruits, herbs, spices or vegetables compositions. Herbals are caffeine free so you can enjoy them day and night

This is the ideal tea for a hot bath, a good book, or as part of your bedtime ritual. Best served nice and warm, it is very soothing and comforting to drink.  I think the name of this tea is very apt, as it makes you feel very relaxed in a warming and scrumptious way.

I drank this tea with a bit of sugar, but it would also be extremely tasty (and still on the sweet side) if served plain.  This sort of tea isn’t made for milk, so I don’t suggest that.  However, serving this one with a sprig of mint or a slice of lemon (or both!) is just plain perfect.

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I have been wanting to try many of the teas from this company! Thanks for posting this review!!!

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