Shooting Star Blooming Tea from Numi

Shooting Star Flowering Tea from NumiFlowering (Blooming) teas are so neat!  Here is my review for this tea with more information on flowering tea to follow.

Once out of the package these look like Chestnuts. Once infused and open these are the biggest blooming flowers I have seen. They are glorious. There is little to no scent and very light in taste. It’s refreshing and thirst quenching but not much flavor.  Still a nice cup – I had one hot and one cold. I did 2 infusions but didn’t attempt a 3rd because the first two were so light! Yes, there are pros and cons, but still a neat experience.

Numi describes this tea as:

Ingredients: Organic White Tea, Amaranth Flowers

Place one Flowering Tea in a durable glass teapot. Bring water to a boil and pour over tea. Behold the magic of the unfolding tea leaves. Allow to steep 2-3 minutes, to desired strength. After enjoying the first pot, a Flowering Tea may be re-steeped 2-3 more times.

One of the online descriptions for flowering teas that I found was:

“Wonderful, captivating and engaging; flowering teas transform the simple act of drinking tea by producing an aesthetically rich experience full of color and vibrancy.”

“Hand-sewn flowering teas are produced in remote tea gardens in southwestern Yunnan province in China near the borders of Laos and Vietnam. White, green and Black Teas are picked in the early mornings. While damp, the tea leaves are flattened and sewn with cotton thread into the various shapes and bundles. (Tea leaves may also be scented with jasmine blossoms before sewing begins for a more floral flavor.) Some shapes take about one minute to sew while other more elaborate designs may take up to 10 minutes. While still moist, the leaves are shaped into balls, mushrooms, cones, etc, and finally, the teas go through the usual drying, oxidation and firing process which closes the process and provides the finished product.”

I often go to and check out videos of them blooming, it’s a sight to see!

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I am a fan of blooming teas. I love seeing it live, blooming. for those who live around nyc there is a local tea store does this. also they sell it there and online at

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