Silver Moon from Hina’s Tea

Silver MoonWhile looking at the Hina’s Tea website, I became instantly intrigued by this tea.  How could I resist?  Jasmine tea, White Tea, genmaicha, and green Darjeeling in one blend together with ginger, red pepper, chili, and strawberries?  It sounded very unusual; it sounded like my kind of tea.

Let me start with the fragrance… it smells amazing!  Even though there is no chocolate in this blend, it has definite chocolate undertones in the aroma.  I could immediately identify the ginger and the peppers, as well as hints of strawberry and jasmine.  This is probably the most interesting tea fragrance I’ve ever encountered!   Once brewed, the tea takes on a more muted scent.  The ginger, chili and pepper are still prominent, along with the unique mixture of green and white teas.

The flavor of this tea is also quite unusual.  The ginger flavor stands out, as well as the pepper flavors, which provides a nice amount of heat to the palate.   The strawberry offers a faint sweetness to the blend, and the jasmine, while quite soft here, is also distinguishable.

Hina’s Tea describes this tea as

Strawberry flavor with exotic spices!
An amazing white tea blend with Green Tea, fog tea, gunpowder, roasted rice, jasmine tea, silver pearls, green Darjeeling, silver needle, ginger, red pepper, chili flakes, strawberry

It is hard to discern the individual teas here, although I can detect a hint of muscatel from the Darjeeling, as well as some of the stronger notes from the gunpowder.  The roasted rice which is a component to genmaicha tea offers a gentle sweetness.   The combination of teas creates a very rich yet light-bodied base that is really very good yet difficult to describe – it’s one that should be tasted to be believed, because it plays upon so many areas of the palate that it is really an adventure in tea tasting!

When I brewed this tea for the first time, I used too much tea.  I thought that by adding a little extra, I could get a better idea of the complexity of this blend, because there were so many ingredients.  Don’t make this mistake, because too much in this case is, well, too much.  It becomes too strong and overwhelming, and it just doesn’t taste very good.

However, by giving the package a gentle shake before measuring out, and using just 1 teaspoon for each cup, as the directions suggest, you will end up with a very interesting, tasty cup of tea with many diverse flavors that somehow seem to work quite well together.

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Pat Canella

Very crazy combo! I could see it tasting like chocolate as well, for some reason peppers and fruit = chocolate! No idea why though haha

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