Silver Needle Chrysanthemum from Zen Tara Tea

Organic Silver Needle with Chrysanthemum White Tea

A taste pure and refined, with floral notes giving character to the crisp, grassy notes of the fresh {en:Bai_Hao_Yinzhen_tea|silver needle white tea leaves}.  One of Zen Tara Tea‘s finest blends, this tea has a very light floral fragrance when dry, and light floral with slight green notes when brewed.

The Chrysanthemum flowers in this tea are whole, dried organic flowers which lend a sweet floral touch to the flavor, while being subtle enough to allow the delicate flavor of the Bai Hao Yin Zhen to come through.

Zen Tara Tea describes this tea as:

Normally, we would feel pretty strongly that the distinct character of Silver Needle ({en:Bai_Hao_Yinzhen_tea|Bai Hao Yin Zhen}), a premium grade of classic white tea, doesn’t need the flavor enhancement of another ingredient – then we tried this tea. A magical pairing of the natural sweetness of the white tea with the balanced buttery subtleness of the Chrysanthemum flower creates a white tea experience that is memorable.

The Chrysanthemum flower by itself has been a popular “tea” in China for hundreds of years. A legend goes back to 206-220 BC that there used to be a village in Central China where people drank from a nearby stream that contained the petals of chrysanthemum flowers that had fallen into the stream up in the mountains. Supposedly all of the villagers lived to a great age, some as long as 130 years. While we can’t speak to the claims of longevity in the story we can agree that this Silver Needle white tea enhanced by the Chrysanthemum flower is legendary. This tea has a low caffeine level.

Heat (filtered) water to 185˚F (if necessary, add a small amount of cool water to the cup or pot before adding water brought to a boil) and add one rounded teaspoon loose leaf tea per cup (apprx. 8 ounces). Infuse the tea leaves for 3–5 minutes depending on taste preference. Can be infused 2-3 times.

INGREDIENTS: Organic white tea, organic chrysanthemum blossoms. Origin:  Fujian, China.

This tea has a very mild, soft, elegant flavor that is to be savored and enjoyed.  A fantastic tea for the connoisseur or tea enthusiast.  May not be the best tea to try if you are new to white tea and have never tried it before, as the flavor of this tea is very subtle and mild, with light crisp green notes on a slightly floral background.  Sheer elegance!


Lainie Petersen

Normally I’d scream “blasphemy” to anyone who blended silver tips with anything else. But this blend actually sounds really good. Thanks!


Thanks for the vote of confidence. Believe me, we kept this blend in the shop only for quite awhile until we had enough positive comments from customers that we held our breath and put in online for web orders.

Without sampling and person-to-person conversations about a tea it’s so hard to convey the tea to a customer on a web site (which is way our descriptions are so long, we do the best we can with words). It’s also why we include a free tasting sample with every order so that customers can try another tea for free and get to know more of our teas.

I don’t think there is another blend we would try with Silver Needle. But then never say never…

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