Sleepy Hollow Pumpkin Chai from Culinary Teas

Sleepy Hollow Pumpkin Chai from Culinary TeasIt’s the perfect time of year for a good Chai Tea, and this particular Chai is the perfect Halloween cup of tea!  As you can see from the photo, this is a very festive looking tea blend, with candy bits of Halloween colors among the tea leaves and spices.

This is a very strong {en:chai}, which is good, because traditionally, chai teas are served with milk (preferably frothed!) and sweetener, and the flavors must be strong and bold enough to withstand the addition of milk and sweetener without overwhelming or reducing any of the flavor.  This tea pulls that off perfectly, as even with milk and sugar, the Black Tea was still prominent and the spices were very spicy and delicious!

Named after The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, this tea stays with that and the Halloween theme by making the main flavor in this chai a nice mellow pumpkin flavor!  For those of you who either aren’t familiar with the tale, or remember this gem from their childhood (born in the 60s or 70s??), or for those who wish to share this 36 minute full length Disney short on The Legend of Sleepy Hollow with their children, here is a special treat for you this Halloween.    This is the original 1949 full Disney version of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow narrated by Bing Crosby:

We hope you enjoy watching that timeless classic, and this Sleepy Hollow Pumpkin Chai is the perfect cup of tea to enjoy with that video.

Culinary Teas describes this tea as:

So, what goes into a tea named after the terrifying tale of Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horseman? Pumpkin, of course. (The story goes that the horseman had the head of a pumpkin.) Add to this a select blend of herbs and spices, chai mix, cinnamon and ginger pieces. The taste of Sleepy Hollow Pumpkin Chai, it goes without saying, is to die for!

The warm mellow pumpkin flavor works perfectly with the mix of chai spices including cinnamon, ginger and other spices which are very well-balanced on the palate.   The black tea is bold enough that you can taste the flavor of the tea even with the strong chai spices.

This tea has an incredibly delicious flavor, and I recommend it served hot with milk or milk substitute (I use soy milk), and sweetener.  It would also make a lovely iced chai if you are in the mood for an iced chai.  Even though the spices leave a very pleasant warmth on your tongue, the blend itself is very smooth and mellow.  No one flavor stands out above the others, you can taste the bold malty black tea, the chai spices, the pumpkin and a hint of candy.  A great Halloween treat!

Happy Halloween from The Tea Review Blog!



This is really interesting. I have never seen a tea that had those kinds of colors in it.

You mentioned that they are “candy bits.” Does that affect the flavor at all or is it just basically an added sugar that blends into the tea? Or did I misunderstand that completely?

Also, have you tried this without milk or anything added? I’m not a big fan of adding anything to my teas.


The Tea Guru

I’ve sampled many teas that use “candy bits”, these are the exact same thing as the “sprinkles” or holiday shaped candy bits you purchase in the cake aisle at the store to top cakes or cupcakes with. They just blend it in with the tea for a festive aesthetic appearance. If you know what “sprinkles” on donuts or cakes taste like, that’s what the flavor is, however it’s almost completely undetectable in the brewed tea. It does leave a very subtle undertone of the candy sprinkles flavor in the bottom of the cup.

I myself do not do chai without milk or sugar, however my partner has tried it sans milk or sugar and thinks it to be very strong and yet still very smooth. So I imagine without milk or sugar added you would get the same flavor as above, just much stronger.


I am torn since to truly enjoy Chai one must submit to adding milk and sugar. However, I drink always plain tea with nothing added. I did subject myself to trying Enjoying Tea’s Indian Mocha Chai but found it needed more mocha for me to fully appreciate it.

I prefer their Lemon Grass Chai and I can enjoy this without milk or sugar. I like all things grassy.

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