Slimming Tea from Vitalife

Slimming Tea from VitalifeI have just received my canister of tea from Vitalife and I must say to start with the packaging is a winner for me – it’s bold yet simple with a whole host of taste bud tantalizing  ingredients including:

Chilli, Inositol (a member of the B vitamin family), Ginger, Cinnamon and Vanilla, all on a Green Tea base!

I am really looking forward to this as all of the ingredients excite me.

I begin to boil my kettle and start opening the canister and I see a sealed foil pack with teabags inside. I then open the foil pack and instantly a fiery yet smooth aroma is helping my senses come alive.

I am really exited about tasting this tea as a close friend of mine had mentioned this as a product in which she had used in the run up to her wedding in which of course most women want to try to shed those extra few lbs . Combined with exercise and a nutritional healthy eating plan she did believe that this contributed to her outstanding weight loss and now that she has managed to maintain the weight loss she now drinks this instead of her normal cuppa as she loves the taste so much. It is also made even better by the fact that you don’t need to add milk so you are saving on extra calories.

I begin to pour the just off-the-boil water over the teabag and again a punchy aroma comes through, this time being Chilli and Cinnamon – This tea really is extraordinary for a sensory delight as you can pick each individual ingredient out just by smelling the tea!

Here goes… after a few minutes of steeping I take a sip and I am just as pleased with the taste as the aroma (some teas are all aroma and no taste) this tea is both- well Done Vitalife!

On initial tasting I get a creamy Vanilla note, then I get the warming Cinnamon come through, then comes the punchy Ginger then the Chilli smacks you right in the mouth (in a good way though)- even for all those people who don’t like spicy foods this really is a taste sensation and whilst I have said it smacks you in the mouth it really isn’t in an overly spicy way…quite extraordinary actually.

Vitalife describes this tea as-

“This fiery yet smooth-tasting blend of green tea, chilli, inositol, ginger, cinnamon, and vanilla delivers all you need to get your metabolism running at full speed – making weight loss faster and easier. Something that helps you lose weight can’t taste this good. Can it?”

Overall I would describe this tea as a smooth and creamy blend with punchy and fiery notes which has a whole host of metabolism boosting ingredients.

Thank you Vitalife for making Slimming Tea palatable!


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Slimming Tea from Vitalife: I have just received my canister of tea from Vitalife and I must say to start with t…


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