Snow Bunny from Compass Teas

Snow BunnyOrdinarily, when purchasing tea, I do not select a mint tea, not because I do not care for mint, but because I am usually looking for more unusual or exotic flavors to excite my palate.    So when I received this sample of tea, I found myself less excited than I am now as I write this.  This is a really delicious tea!

Compass blends a high quality White Tea with peppermint to create this Snow Bunny Blend.  The mint aroma is very faint when opening the package; however, once the tea is brewed, the mint fragrance comes alive!

Compass Teas describes this tea as…

A Peppermint White Tea

Made from high quality white tea, this infusion is airy and light, with a delicate peppermint flavor.

Short and to the point, this description is spot on.  The white tea is very soft (as most white teas are), and the peppermint, which can often be a rather intrusive ingredient and steal the flavor spotlight, is beautifully delicate, creating a very “airy and light” cup.  It is aptly named, as well, as the flavors bring to mind the spirit of winter:  soft, cool, and breathtakingly crisp.

This tea is, very simply … delicious!

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