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Sol y Luna from My Tea ShelfSol y Luna, Spanish for ‘Sun and Moon’, is one of the most exquisite teas I’ve tasted.  In fact, my shock at the flavor of this tea inspired me to add this as my overall FAVORITE Herbal Tisane!  I cannot stress how much My Tea Shelf continues to amaze me with it’s teas and genuine quality.

‘Sun and Moon’ may be the most elegant name for this most elegant herbal tea.  It starts with a bright green base of spearmint and basil which makes your taste buds sing with joy, then adds a fair amount of cocoa and cinnamon flavor for a sweetly decadent treat, while finishing up with sweet fruity raisins and spicy clove.

This cacophony of flavors may sound confusing at first, and when I first smelled the dried herbs in the hand-stamped and sewn teabag, I wasn’t sure if I would like this blend at all because it smelled strongly of spearmint with a hint of cinnamon.  Don’t let this put you off, because a lot of the flavors truly spring to life when you brew the herbs in hot water.  It’s a complex flavor, but one you are sure to appreciate.

My Tea Shelf describes this tea as:

Sick of eating ice cream for dessert? Ok, don’t answer that. But if you’re looking for a delicious treat, then look no further. Organic fair trade cacao nibs, nettle leaves, raisins and cinnamon play key roles in this blend that also feature basil, cloves, dandelion leaves and spearmint. So if you ever wanted to have your cake and drink it too, now you can.

Ingredients: Organic {en:cacao} nibs, organic cinnamon, organic basil, organic {en:nettle} leaf, organic raisins, organic spearmint, organic cloves.Caffeine-free
1.5 tsp/cup . 205°water . for 5 minutes

Refreshing and rejuvenating are the two words which come to mind when drinking this exceptional tisane.  If one researches the ingredients, you will also find this is a top-notch detox tea as well, that tasted fabulous.  A bit of sugar makes this one worthy of the best dessert teas, but you may wish to skip the sugar if you are drinking it for it’s purported health benefits*.  Personally, I think it tastes great either way, and also works well hot or iced – an extremely versatile tea, just don’t try milk in it, it wouldn’t work with these herbs at all!  This is one tea I wish I had a lot more of – another hit from My Tea Shelf!

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