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Soothing Chamomile from Mount of Olives TreasuresChamomile: one of the best ways to convince my Sweetheart it’s time for bed.  Mount of Olives is good for creating traditional teas with a twist.  This chamomile with pomegranate is a slightly sweet take on a sleepy tea.

These guys are individually packaged tea bags, making it a quick and easy alternative to loose chamomile, which has certainly proven to be a bit… messy.

Soothing Chamomile is a light and wispy bodied tea that tastes excellent with a teaspoon of honey and some cream because it brings out the subtle sweetness of ginger and licorice root.   Even after steeping longer than 10 minutes, the tea is very mellow and easy to drink.  Even my kids, who are wary of strong teas, really enjoyed this, especially when I added the honey.  *grin*

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Mount of Olives describes this tea as:

This delicious aromatic flavor both calms and comforts. Sweet-scented leaves of chamomile are blended with licorice, dandelion and ginger for a delicate flavor to relax the mind, body and soul. This unique combination of plants and herbs is specially created to gently ease digestion and can be enjoyed any time.

Ingredients: {en:Verbena}, {en:chamomile}, {en:dandelion}, {en:licorice}, ash tree, {en:melissa}, {en:ginger}, olive leaves, {en:lemongrass}, grape leaves, {en:pomegranate} leaves, hyssop

I really love sleep-inducing teas, and chamomile is absolutely a relaxing, calming tea.  I found myself going through the twenty bags in this box on exceptionally tiresome days because it was just so simple to drop a bag or two into my cup and pour the steaming water over it.  Often, I mix loose chamomile, but at the end of the day, my tea ball is covered in tiny bits of the flower, and it’s really stuck there.  Having a decent chamomile in a bag makes it really simple to enjoy without worrying about the mess I would end up with.

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vickie croxton

I love this tea but i can not find it in stores anymore. Where can i get this tea?

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