Spicy Pear from Joy’s Teaspoon

Spicy Pear from Joy's TeaspoonI just got this blend from Joy’s Teaspoon in the mail today, and it was the first blend from Joy’s Teaspoon that I’ve had the pleasure of tasting.  What a refreshing and delicious tea!   Absolutely a PERFECT hot tea for the cooler months.  It has a very lovely spiced flavor to it, reminiscent of a great mulled apple cider, but with luscious pear overtones that make it one fantastic hot tea.

The pear is very prominent in this blend, so if you love pears, I’m fairly certain you will adore this tea.    The Black Tea is a great black tea base for these particular flavors, making sure that you can taste the black tea as well as the yummy fall/winter flavors.

Joy’s Teaspoon describes this tea as:

Combining the sweet essence of pear and the spicy undertones of cinnamon, one sip will have you humming a holiday tune and looking for the wrapping paper!

Ingredients: black tea, dried pear bits, cinnamon bits, flavoring

Serving Amount: 1 tsp./6 oz. serving

Temperature: 203-214 degrees

Steeping Time: 4-5 minutes

This is really an exceptional cold winter tea, and I was very surprised at how much flavor was in this blend!  I wouldn’t recommend this tea as an iced tea, simply because it seems to be the perfect hot tea.  I loved adding a touch of sweetener to this to bring out the sweet juicy pear flavor, but milk probably would not go so well with this one.

Overall this is a great spiced pear tea, with huge chunks of dried pear amongst the black tea leaves that is one of the best winter hot teas I’ve found!

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