Starry Night from Liber-Teas

Peachy keen! Okay, I couldn’t resist that pun. Really, though, this is a delightful peach herbal tea. The base of this tea is green Rooibos, which to my tongue tastes more like “real tea” than red rooibos does, so one gets something more like Green Tea without the caffeine.

The herbal flavor of the green rooibos and the flower petals is wonderfully balanced by the fruit flavors – mainly the peach, but also the tropical fruits. I will admit that I love mango and papaya, preferring them to most other tropical fruits.

Liber-Teas says about Starry Night:

The flavors of summertime come alive in your teacup with this delightful Green Rooibos Tisane — sweet, juicy and vibrant! Green Rooibos are the un-oxidized leaves of the South African Rooibos plant, which is celebrated for its health benefits. In this blend, I flavor the tiny Green Rooibos leaves (these leaves are very tiny — like little tiny needles), and blend them with bits of Peach, Mango, Papaya, and Orange Peel, and toss them with petals to add a bit more visual appeal.

This tea tastes good hot, but it also tastes absolutely wonderful as an iced tea. Add a bit of sugar to it if you ice it, to bring the fruit flavors out more; icing can sometimes mute flavors a bit, and the sugar helps counteract that. A slice of almost any fruit – lemon, lime, orange, a frozen peach slice, a candied papaya chunk – goes well in this iced herbal tea. This is one I can drink quarts of at a time without getting tired of it or jaded by the taste. The proprietor of Liber-Teas reports that this is their most popular herbal blend, with some customers having standing orders so that they never run out – and I may add myself to that list, because this tea is definitely on my “drink more!” list!

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