Starry Night from Liber-Teas

Starry Night from Liber-TeasOh what a lovely surprise this tea sample was! Liber-Teas was kind enough to send me this sample and it was simply fantastic!

I had never had green Rooibos, nor did I realize I was drinking it. This lovely “Fruit and Herbal Tisane” immediately transports you into a peach orchard! Fresh peaches, skin and all, along with a touch of the fragrance of grass and orchard trees was – well – a fantastic surprise from this tea.

I brewed it hot, as it is cold and winter right now. It was like putting on a pair of virtual glasses that transported me to summer. I can tell too, though, that I will greatly enjoy this as an iced tea in the summer time!

Liber-Teas describes it as:

Green Rooibos are the un-oxidized leaves of the South African {en:Rooibos} plant, which is celebrated for its health benefits. Green Rooibos have a bit more of a fruity flavor than do their oxidized counterparts. Both are delicious, but for this fruity blend, I rather prefer the green rooibos!

In this blend, I flavor the tiny Green Rooibos leaves (these leaves are very tiny — like little tiny needles), and blend them with bits of Peach, Mango, Papaya, and Orange Peel, and toss them with petals to add a bit more visual appeal.

I describe it as pure delight! In fact, my daughter tasted it and I had to share sips with her! Fantastic!

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Looks really lovely!

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