Steeping Cup by The Tea Spot

Steeping Mug from The Tea Spot

Steeping Cup

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Steeping Cup

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The Tea Spot

I am in love with these adorable little steeping cups!  These cups are made by The Tea Spot and they are available in 6 colors: white, black, lime green, bright red, yellow and bright  blue.  Their white steeping cups feature the Tea Spot logo on one side in black lettering (although this is not shown in the photos).  It comes in 3 pieces, all made of high quality porcelain with a beautiful shine to it – the cup, an infuser, and a lid, all which fit together perfectly.

The Tea Spot has this to say about their Steeping Cups:

The 3 Pieces of The Steeping Cup

Steeping Cup (3 pcs)

The Steeping Cup is a clever combination of cup, lid, and infuser – entirely handcrafted in porcelain. It allows you to brew loose leaves as easy as teabags, but with more style and better taste. The cup design sits comfortably in your hands – and for this reason, these cups are ideal for steeping teas at lower temperatures, such as greens & whites. The large volume infuser allows ample room for tea to unfurl and release its flavor and aroma into the brew. Porcelain is an ideal steeping material because it doesn’t alter the taste or aroma of the tea, and the white glaze inside every cup allows the natural color of the tea to shine. The Steeping Cup provides a beautiful accent to any place setting or office desk.


*  Handcrafted with high-quality, lead-free porcelain
*  Lid doubles as a saucer for the used infuser
*  Precision infuser steeps any tea with no drip/mess
*  Bold colors that complement Loose Leaves tea tins
*  Ergonomic cup design fits perfectly in your hand
*  Dishwasher and microwave safe
*  Capacity: 8 oz mug

One of the things that I love best about this mug is how it sets in your mouth while taking a drink.  When they say they’ve “ergonomically designed” these cups, what they mean is with the subtle curving of the porcelain, it fits so perfectly in your hands and at your mouth.  I know this may sound silly, but this is the most comfortable mug I’ve ever sipped from!

With that being said, if you drink your tea scalding hot, this is definitely not the mug for you.  The porcelain transfers heat well and there is no handle on this cup, so as they mention on their website, this cup is much better for teas brewed at cooler temperatures such as white or Green Teas, or if you are like me and add a bit of cold water to your tea also.

Steeping Cup Infuser and Lid

Cup Infuser and Lid

At 8 ounces, this is an average-sized cup – not large, not small, but just right.  However, one thing to note is that the infuser – while beautiful and very good at straining leaves (no stray leaves ended up in my cup!) – is made completely from porcelain also and displaces at least an ounce of water when your leaves are infusing.  The lid, which covers the top of the cup gracefully with a cute little swirl design doubles as a holder for your used infuser.  Simply take the lid off and set it upside down next to your cup and place the used infuser in the top, where it stays drip-free.

This is also one fantastic mug to use for guests, to really impress them.  In fact, my first use of this cup was to serve tea in it to my best friend, who also fell in love with it immediately.  So I’ll probably get one for her as a Birthday gift since these cups make wonderful gifts for the tea lovers in your life – any tea lover would love getting one of these cups as a present!  Overall, a 5-star mug from a 5-star company.



Glad you loved it!! Just wanted to note that our logo is only printed on the side of our White Steeping Cups. Cheers!

The Tea Spot Chef

It also makes a great culinary tool when cooking with tea and making tea concentrates and broths.

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