Stomach Settling Peppermint Tea from Vitalife

Stomach settling peppermint teaI was presented with one of the most colourful, unusual packs of tea I have seen in a long time this morning – and just had to get on here to post my review.

This tea is from Vitalife, and is what they call their ‘Stomach Settling’ blend of peppermint, liquorice, and aloe vera.

I woke up this morning with a touch of heartburn, so what better time to give this tea a shot!

Upon opening the sealed silver foil pouch within the canister, a wonderfully fresh scent of peppermint was released. I pulled out one of the tagged bags, and popped it in my cup.

I took the kettle to just off-boil, and filled my cup to the top.

Now, initially, when I first opened the pack, I could only smell peppermint. But now, a clear scent of liquorice is also coming through after the bag had infused for a couple of minutes.

Following the instructions on the pack, I waited for 4 minutes, then gave it a first sip. Wow!

This has to be one of the most interesting peppermint teas I have tried yet. The fresh flavour of peppermint hits you first, followed by an amazingly sweet liquorice aftertaste. I couldn’t quite taste the aloe throughout – but after trying aloe gel before, this was probably for the best! Perhaps aloe is in the blend just to enhance its stomach settling effects, rather than add an extra flavour dimension?

Anyway, this taste experience lasted throughout, with the sweet aftertaste becoming more prominent throughout (I left the bag in the cup whilst drinking, so this explains why).

Here’s how Vitalife describe this tea:

Beat your upset stomach or heartburn with this soothing, sweet, and refreshing peppermint tea. All three ingredients in this tea work together to deliver a tasty and effective stomach-calming drink.

How it works:

Peppermint has muscle-relaxing properties which help to calm stomach muscles – improving digestion, and subduing bloating and gas

Liquorice in moderate amounts can soothe an upset stomach

Aloe Vera is commonly used for relief of digestive issues

Great for: Heartburn sufferers. After a heavy meal.

It’s clear that Vitalife center this tea – and all of their other blends – towards their health properties and benefits, but I think the flavour in itself is enough to boast about in this tea.

And my heartburn from this morning? Gone! Thanks Vitalife.

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Stomach Settling Peppermint Tea from Vitalife: A stomach settling peppermint tea from Vitalife. Bright packaging…

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