Strawberry Black Tea from thepuriTea

Strawberry Black Tea from thepuriTeaI happen to adore Strawberry flavored Black Tea, so I was particularly excited to sample this Strawberry Black Tea from thepuriTea.  I have fond memories of being a very little girl, and my father would go to the market and bring back paper sacks of strawberry black tea for us to enjoy. You might go so far as to say that it’s what started this Tea Guru on her journey of tea!

This particular strawberry tea starts with a golden, brisk black tea which leaves a pleasant astringency on the palate after each sip.  The black tea base compliments the strawberry flavor quite well.

The strawberry flavor is subtle, a whisper on the forefront and a stronger flavor and presence in the aftertaste.  It’s not as strong on the strawberry as I perhaps would like, however it is a very lovely authentic strawberry…it doesn’t taste ‘fake’ and it doesn’t taste like artificial flavoring, it simply tastes like warm, juicy strawberries on a warm summer’s day.  They definitely got the flavor right in this blend, because I’ve never tasted a more authentic strawberry flavored tea.

thepuriTea describes this tea as:

Sweet, juicy, summery… Who doesn’t like strawberries? Chinese black tea meets the candy-sweet aroma and flavor of actual chunks of dried strawberries in this British-style fruity black tea. Strawberry’s allure makes this a perfect introduction to flavored loose-leaf tea, while a premium black tea base provides earthy, mildly tannic, chocolaty notes that appeal to seasoned tea drinkers. Try it with breakfast (toast and strawberry jam… waffles with butter…), dinner (roasted pork with apricot chutney) or dessert (classic vanilla ice cream), or drink it in lieu of port wine, as one of our fans has suggested.

The flavor does have a strong muscatel flavor to it, so I can see how one might find it similar to a wine.  The notes are layered and when my friend tasted it, he said he even picked up notes similar to that of kiwi.  I find the base Chinese black tea to be what really ties the blend together so well because the briskness of the black tea complements the ‘juicy’ element of the tea so very deliciously!

I recommend serving this tea with sugar, and no milk.  Adding milk would completely ruin the incredible subtle tones in this tea.  Sweetener however will bring out the fruity tones so much more.  An ace strawberry black tea from thepuriTea.

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