Strawberry Chocolate from Republic of Tea

Tin of RoT strawberry chocolateThis tea tastes *exactly* like Lamme’s chocolate-covered strawberries. If you happen to have ever lived in Texas, you will know exactly what that means, and you will not have to read another word. For those of you who have never lived in Texas, well, Lamme’s is a Texas candy-store chain, and every spring they make milk-chocolate dipped strawberries, using Texas-grown fresh strawberries. Even though I prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate, I would never turn down a Lamme’s strawberry!

Truthfully, although I’m writing this review around Valentine’s Day, the Lamme’s strawberries are much bigger and juicier at Mother’s Day. But this tea tastes like those chocolate-covered strawberries all the time, even if the ground is covered with snow in February and your chances of getting fresh strawberries are nil!

The base of the tea is red Rooibos, so it’s caffeine-free as well as calorie-free.

The Republic of Tea says about this tea:

Seductive chocolate married with a hint of strawberry in this amply amorous caffeine-free cup. Rooibos, or red tea, provides the base in which these two flavors mingle. With zero calories per cup, this tea is an excellent guilt-free pleasure.

Rooibos is also known for its super antioxidant powers – sipping this delicious dessert tea together may inspire a long and loving life for you and your sweetheart.

This tea comes in a tin of 36 tea bags. Since rooibos doesn’t need room to unfurl the way “real tea” does, being in a teabag is not the possible impediment to proper brewing that you might think it. It also makes it easier to save the tea for a second steeping. Since The Republic of Tea thinks highly of themselves (a Texas idiom for “pricey!”) as bagged tea goes, second steepings are a way to get more tea, and more flavor, for your buck. As part of a Valentine’s Day or other special-occasion gift basket, the tea is a good bargain, and could provide you with a theme for an entire gift. Incidentally, although I haven’t seen it in stores that way, the company’s web site offers this tea in a bulk pack of 250 tea bags. Now *there’s* a way to show someone you love them!

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oh wow thank you, i had been drooling over this year for a while and was not sure if it would be a disappointment or not!

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