Strawberry Kiwi from Teavana

Strawberry Kiwi from Teavana

When you first pour this strawberry kiwi loose tea into a cup you might question if it is actually suppose to be tea. It has such large, chunky pieces it looks more like trail mix, then a tea. You can almost pick out all the ingredients because the pieces are so big, and most noticeable are large pieces of dried apple. I haven’t actually nibbled on this tea, but I think it might be quite good if you do. It also has an incredibly sweet aroma, almost like a pink cotton candy.

Teavana describes this tea as:

A delicious combination of strawberry and Kiwi pieces, rosehips, hibiscus and apple bits.

I brew my tea in a glass mug and this tea is fun to watch because the color changes so drastically. It starts off a light pink color, and the longer you steep it, the darker it gets. I like to get it pretty dark, till it almost looks like red jello, or kool-aid. The longer you steep it though, the tarter it gets. I have sworn off sugar in my diet, so I don’t put any sweeteners in this, but I could see how you would want to, to cut the tartness, but I actually like the flavor and I tend to Drink This tea after dinner, for desert. The flavor is very fruity, almost like a healthy fruit punch. This tea will probably make a delicious iced tea this summer.

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The crazy suburban mom

My current favorite but I do like some tea in my tea so its great with a few jasmine pearls … but absolutely the best iced


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