Sublime Sunset Fruit Tisane from Liber-Teas

Sublime SunsetOnce I brewed this lovely tisane, I knew exactly why Liber-Teas had named it ‘Sublime Sunset’.   The color looks just like a glorious summer sunset!

I first drank it hot – which was very nice. It has a unique mixture of fruity and flowery flavors with a little tartness.  It was lovely as a hot tea and even better when I added a bit of sugar because it calmed down the tartness (I tend to be overly sensitive to tart flavors) and brought out all the flavors.

But as I drank it – it seemed like it really should be served cold over ice.   Maybe it’s just because we’re in the middle of summer – but I just had to have a cup of iced ‘Sublime Sunset’. I love it iced! I feel like I should be sitting on a beach – watching the glorious sunset as I sit and sip this tea.

Liber Teas describes this Fruit and Herb Tisane:

The sun streaks across the sky for the last moments of the day, expressing itself in hues of crimson, orange, and yellow, a sight that takes your breath away!

This naturally caffeine-free tisane expresses itself in beautiful ways as well, with its sweet notes of pear, offset with tones of blood orange, and bringing it all into balance with bits of apple, hibiscus, rose hip and rose petals. It’s a fragrant, delicious experience!

It’s a wonderful, caffeine free, colorful and tasty tea. Liber-Teas has created another great tea!

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Thank you, Melanie, for a great review of this tea. I love this one as an iced tea, it’s very refreshing.

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