Sweet Caramel O’Mine from Liber-Teas

Sweet Caramel O' MineThis tea smells and tastes exactly like a caramel.  In fact, the dry leaves smell so much like a real caramel, it makes your mouth water before even brewing the tea!  The gorgeous Black Teas blended as the basis of this tea are of great quality and blend so well with the caramel flavors that it provides a perfect balance between a medium-bodied black tea and buttery caramel.

I drank this tea with lots of sweetener (because that’s my secret indulgence) and that made the caramel flavor very strong and sweet!

Liber-Teas describes this tea as:

This Caramel Tea is the ultimate treat! A caramel tea that is rich, creamy and decadent – that’s what my Sweet Caramel o’Mine is all about!

This is a unique Caramel tea blend from my own recipe, using high grown Ceylon teas as well as Assams (to highlight the malty tones of the caramel), and organic caramel flavors. You’ll even find a couple of tiny caramel nuggets amongst the tea leaves!

The flavor is bold, slightly sweet (but you’ll want to add a touch of sweetener to your tea to bring out the more subtle notes of the caramel flavors), and buttery rich, just like a favorite homemade caramel candy — but with far fewer calories and no fat!

This tea does get a little bitter if over-brewed, I would suggest brewing it for no longer than 4 minutes.  The caramel nuggets in the tea add a lot of “real” caramel flavor to the tea and are also an aesthetically beautiful addition to the tea.  One of the best flavored black teas I’ve ever tasted, and a must-have for caramel lovers!

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