Sweet Dreams! from Lupicia Tea

Sweet Dreams! from Lupicia TeaWhen I first smelled the dry tea, I was enchanted by the fragrance.  It really is one of the nicest smelling chamomile blends that I’ve ever encountered.  It has a very nice floral overtone, and the combination of the floral notes, the ginger, and the apple is a delightful one, indeed.

Once brewed, the aroma loses some of its charm.  It still smells alright, but it isn’t as beautiful a scent as the dry leaf.  Let me put it this way, as a dry tea, it is one I’d like as a room fragrance spray… the brewed liquor, well, it smells like a chamomile and ginger tisane, not bad, but nothing particularly special either.

But it tastes really good!  The liquor is slightly murky – which scared me a little bit.  I worried that there was too much “chamomile dust” in the brew, which comes off as … well … too much like chamomile.  I have come to enjoy chamomile teas but, I still am not crazy about “dusty” chamomiles.  You know the kind you typically find in the tea bags from the grocery store?  Yeah, that chamomile … I can do without.

But, fortunately, even though this does have a somewhat murky appearance, it doesn’t taste like chamomile dust tea.  The chamomile is the strongest flavor, and the apple enhances the natural apple-y notes of the chamomile, giving this a very nice, fruit flavor that melds well with the ginger.  The ginger is also strong, but, it isn’t spicy.  Rather, it is what I would call “gently spiced” and mild.  Warm, but not overwhelming.

Lupicia describes this tisane as

Chamomile, ginger and apples makes a warmly aromatic tea.

This was a very enjoyable tisane to enjoy – a nice “bedtime” tea.  I feel very relaxed after having drank this cup, and I like that the ginger has been gently soothing to my tummy too!  It’s nice with a dollop of honey.  This would also be particularly nice when feeling down and out with a sore throat (fortunately, I don’t have a sore throat, but if I did, this is a tea that I’d find rather nice to sip).  This is a delicious, cozy tea that is delightful on a cold, winter’s evening.

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Miss Ash

What a beautiful tea! It looks really yummy.

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