Sweet Kyoto from Lupicia Tea

Sweet Kyoto from Lupicia TeaThis is one of the more unusual Green Teas I’ve ever had the opportunity to taste.

The dry leaf has a sweet aroma that is reminiscent of caramel – and I love caramel!  So I was really looking forward to trying it after smelling the dry leaf, even though I was a bit skeptical when it comes to the combination of caramel and green tea.

The appearance of the dry leaf does not really look as though it has much {en:Matcha} (finely ground green tea leaf) in the blend because I didn’t notice any green dust, which is something I always look for in blends containing Matcha.

Another indicator of Matcha in the blend would be a cloudy brewed liquor, and this cup is only slightly cloudy.  The real indicator of Matcha in the blend is the taste.  There is a faint, bittersweet flavor that is definitely Matcha.  It is very soft, but, it’s there, and it is unmistakably Matcha.

The brown sugar gives this tea a burnt sugar-like flavor that is quite similar to molasses, and is a pleasant contrast to the fresh, bright flavor of the green tea base and the bittersweet Matcha.   I can also taste the soybean flavor which adds a creamy taste.  It is a very unusual tasting tea, but one that I am enjoying quite a bit.

Lupicia describes this tea as

This is a unique blend of green tea and matcha, flavored with powdered soy beans and rich brown sugar.

This tea would work nicely as an iced tea, but I personally think it’s better hot.  It is already sweet, so I recommend tasting before you sweeten it.  You may find, like I did, that it is quite satisfying just the way it is.  I really enjoyed this tea.  It is deliciously different!


The Tea Guru

My question is…what ARE those beans in the photo? Are those soybeans? Jellybeans? LOL


They aren’t jelly beans… they are hard, little beans, I suspect they are dried red beans. I don’t think they are soybeans – aren’t soybeans green? Or are there some varieties that are red?

The Tea Guru

that is so odd…never seen beans in a tea blend before. You’re right, soybeans are normally green OR tan, but I’ve never seen dark red soybeans lol I wish the company would tell, I can’t imagine that beans would make a tea taste good lol


They honestly look to me like little dried red beans – they kind of look like small, dried kidney beans to me. I don’t know that they affect the flavor… but then, I don’t know that the tea would taste differently without them. They are definitely weird… but the tea is quite tasty.

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