Sweet Potato Pie from Adagio Teas

Sweet Potato Pie from Adagio TeasI ordered this tea because it sounded unusual.  Yeah, I do that a lot, and not just with tea.  However, I didn’t know what to expect with it, especially after reading some of the customer reviews on Adagio’s website.  But I decided that, hey, I purchased the tea, I might as well give it a fair opportunity to please my palate.

And it has!  I’m going to start with the tea base here, because it is the most prominent flavor profile of the cup.  It is a pretty strong tea, which is quite surprising considering it’s a Ceylon tea, and “strong” is not normally a word I would associate with Ceylon.   It has a dry taste to it that lingers in the finish, I think I would describe it as an unusually strong, dry astringency.   Other Adagio customers have described it as a “starchy” mouthfeel, and I think that this summarizes it pretty well.

I don’t know if this “effect” is the result of the tea, or the flavoring, or a combination of both.  I don’t think that it is an unpleasant experience, it’s just quite different from what I’m used to when I Drink Tea.  Nevertheless, I personally find this tea to be quite intriguing and yes, very tasty!

Now, I must be honest here and state that I’m a West Coast girl, and I’ve never been to the South (unless you consider Arizona part of the “South”).  What I’m eluding to here is that I’ve never tasted sweet potato pie.  But I have eaten sweet potatoes, just never in a pie.  So I can’t tell you if this actually tastes like sweet potato pie or not.

What I can tell you is that I can taste the sweet potato in this tea.  The flavor becomes more intense as I continue to make my way toward the last of the cup, making this a very interesting tea to drink, indeed.

Because of the aforementioned customer reviews suggested that milk or cream be added to this tea, I decided to get out my aerolatte frother and warm up a little half and half, and whip it with the frother.  I can tell you that it is SO much better this way!  It is very good without the milk, but with it, it becomes the sweet potato casserole from my childhood – complete with the melted, roasted marshmallow topping.   I also added some freshly grated nutmeg because I always add nutmeg to my sweet potatoes.  It was so delightful!

Adagio Teas describes this concoction as:

A long time traditional Southern U.S. favorite, but a stranger to the tea world, our sweet potato pie tea is bound to become a new star. A hint of toasted marshmallow makes this tea surprisingly decadent.

This is not a tea for everyone.  While I quite enjoyed it, I can see how the astringent nature of this tea can be somewhat off-putting to those sensitive to it.  This is a very unusual tea, and as such, it certainly lived up to my expectations – perhaps even exceeded them.  I liked it!

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