Talking Blues from Good 4 You

Talking Blues Throat Chakra Tea

Talking Blues Throat Chakra Tea

By some mad stroke of luck, yours truly just happened to have to one of her teeth pulled – a molar which suddenly broke off – the day after receiving this lovely herbal blend in the mail.  This herbal blend called “Talking Blues” which is specifically healing toward the throat and mouth areas.

So it was with special delight that I took part in this glorious tea.   I say glorious because it was very soothing to my mouth and throat.  It was actually a very gentle blend which lightly tingled as it softly cleansed my mouth and throat leaving it feeling much better.  I did not add any sweetener to this tea.  This is a fantastic herbal tea for sore throats!

Good 4 You Etsy| Site describes this tea as:

A peppermint tea balanced with an herbal pop. Great iced.
Throat chakra tea.

For when you have the talkin’ blues. Great for musicians and the morning sore throat!

Ingredients: {en:Peppermint} leaves, {en:ginger}, orange peels, {en:anise} seeds, {en:Elderberry|elderberries}, {en:eucalyptus} leaves, {en:clove}, {en:Lemon_balm|lemon balm} leaves, red {en:raspberry} leaves, {en:rosemary} leaves, {en:thyme} leaves, {en:hyssop} leaves, {en:Althaea_officinalis|marshmallow root}, {en:Licorice_root|licorice root}, {en:stevia} leaves & {en:sage} leaves. (No caffeine)

I believe that if you have a sore throat, are a speaker or singer, etc. – you need to try this tea! It’s an absolutely gorgeous and soothing blend – Good 4 You sure knows their herbs!

And I absolutely adore Good 4 You’s tea packaging!! Gorgeous hand-drawn artistic designs and intricate lettering make these simple brown boxes come to life! A gift for the eyes as well as the throat!

Since this herbal blend focuses on the Throat chakra, I would love to share with you this lovely 2 minute throat chakra meditation I found on YouTube. Enjoy!!

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This tea IS amazing! It was one of the first teas I made and musicians love it too! It really is great for that scratchy throat in the morning!

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