Tea Travel Mug from Teas Etc

Tea Travel Mug from Teas EtcWhen this tea guru decided she needed a decent tea travel mug to carry her precious teas with her on the go, she got down-and-dirty with her research into the perfect tea travel mug.

While I did find many different choices available online, the majority of nice mugs were found on Amazon.com.  However even on Amazon, and a variety of other websites, all fingers (and good reviews) kept pointing to the same travel mug as being “the best”…the Tea Travel Mug from Teas Etc .   After a lot of comparison with other mugs,  I decided to give this mug a try.

At a reasonable $19.95 this tea travel mug is very affordable, and shows exceptional quality for the price.  I chose this over travel mugs of comparable price and features because of the beauty of the cup, and the quality I knew I could expect from Teas Etc, having sampled their teas in the past.

About the Teas Etc Travel Mug:

Brew loose leaf tea on the run with this easy-to-use 3 piece travel mug. Mug, infuser and lid screw together to make brewing and cleaning a snap. Keeps tea hot and hands cool.

Tea Travel Mug includes :
– 12.85 oz. double wall tea mug
– Stainless steel screw-on tea strainer
– Water tight lid

To use the travel mug:
– Remove the lid and strainer
– Place leaves into the body of the mug so they are sitting on the bottom
– Screw on strainer
– Pour hot water into mug
– Replace the lid and go
– To drink simply remove the lid and sip through the strainer
Not recommended for use in the dishwasher or microwave

Brewing tip- to avoid over steeping when brewing tea, use slightly less tea and water that is not as hot as normal.

Chinese proverb on the front is loosely translated to
“Art, poetry and fine teas will enrich your life”.

And even though I was expecting a quality product, I was still extremely surprised at just how much I REALLY LOVED this travel mug, when I received it.  Not only is the appearance of the mug beautiful with it’s Chinese proverb and cherry blossom (and a stunning HOLOGRAM of a tree on the top of the screw-on lid that is amazing!), but the mug is also very well-made, of high quality, and is very durable.

After buying this travel mug, I enjoyed using it so much that I’ve begun to drink my tea exclusively from this travel mug, and from no other cup in the house.  In fact my husband suggested yesterday that we box all my cups up!  The clear design of the body of the mug shows off your tea leaves in a way that makes every cup of tea beautiful to look at as well as drink.  And they are right, it keeps your hands cool, even when it’s filled with boiling hot water!

This also makes drinking loose tea easy and convenient.  At first I was concerned that it would brew too strong and bitter of a brew, with the tea leaves sitting in the water the whole time.  However using lower water temperatures did help, and in most cases, I felt the open environment of the tea leaves being able to float unhindered through the water actually improved the flavor of the tea.  And the fine mesh strainer filtered even the finest red Rooibos without any stray tea leaves ending up in my mouth.  I highly recommend the Teas Etc Travel Mug as my tea mug of choice!



I purchased one of these mugs at a local tea bar and haven’t used it all that much, mostly because it doesn’t hold enough tea for me! Also… I was given inaccurate instructions on how to use the mug by the sales associate.

Now that I’ve read your published instructions, I may have to utilize it a bit more often, it would certainly be useful when I’m in a hurry and headed out the door!


I have never gotten around to purchasing a tea mug from a tea vendor, because I seem to have a souvenir insulated mug from the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, and a souvenir insulated mug from the Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi, and a souvenir insulated mug from the National Aquarium in Baltimore… there’s a pattern here, isn’t there!


I am intrigued… off to look


I am really considering buying one of these after reading your review! Like BunRab, I have quite the collection of insulated mugs (University of Toronto, Cedar Point, Fleming College, Starbucks, etc.) but I would really like to get one like this to add to my collection. I think this would be perfect for when I travel. I’m always having to drink bagged tea when I travel which I don’t really mind but if there’s way I can drink loose leaf tea, I’d much prefer that.

The Tea Guru

It’s absolutely wonderful for loose tea – it’s honestly the only mug I drink out of now. I definitely recommend it!


I just got an email from Teavana and they now have one almost identical and same price SHEESH

The Tea Guru

I recommend this mug over Teavanas – better quality for the price


In used to have a travel mug in which I could make iced tea. I would fill the bottom with ice, put on a sort of lid for the teabag, pour boiling water, and ZI guess thyere was another lid. The mug was brown and tan plastic. Does anyone no what I’m talking about or where I might find one?


I had this mug too! I can’t remember who made it, but my spouse and I used our iced tea mugs till they flat-out wore out. I don’t think they make them any more – I remember looking for a replacement when mine first started wearing out and not finding one. And I couldn’t find filters that would fit in the top any more, so I was having to improvise with cut-down coffee filters.

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