The 8 Treasures from Let’s Do Tea

Although different Green Teas are the first eight (yes, 8! ) ingredients in this tea, when one first opens the package, it’s the strawberry that dominates the aroma. It’s a lovely berry smell. It’s a nice tea to look at, too, with actual dried pineapple bits and a few sunflower petals in the mix.

Let’s Do Tea describes this tea as:

{en:Sencha} (Organic), {en:Gunpowder_green_tea|Gunpowder}, Mini {en:Tuo_cha|Tuo Tea}, {en:Chun_Mee_tea|Chun Mee}, {en:Pai_Mu_Tan_tea|Pai Mu Tan}, {en:Longjing_tea|Lung Ching}, Snowbuds, {en:Bi_Luo_Chun_tea|Pi Lo Chun}, Pineapple Bits, Strawberry Bits, Sunflower Blossoms, and Natural Flavourings.

Okay, Pai Mu Tan is actually a White Tea, not a green tea, but I won’t quibble, since it’s seven green teas to one. Anyway, once one brews the tea, the pineapple adds a bit of astringency to the strawberry aroma. Tasting it unsweetened, the pineapple is also just a tad astringent in flavor – not everyone’s cup of tea, pardon the pun, until one adds sugar, which tones down the pineapple so that it and the strawberry are balanced again. Of course, some people like pineapple – I am one – so don’t feel you *must* add sugar. But I think most people will want to.

The underlying green tea is mild and medium-bodied; although each of the eight teas alone might have a particular character, when this many are blended together, no one character stands out. It’s not particularly grassy or herby. Which is good, because that lets the added flavors have some impact. (Some very grassy green teas completely overwhelm their alleged flavorings.) I honestly can’t tell that the sunflower adds anything to the flavor, having never had sunflower petals alone as a Drink To isolate their taste; I suspect it’s there mainly for the attractive touch of yellow in the dried tea.

With sugar added, this also makes a good iced tea. If you really wanted to be fancy about it, serving it for an afternoon on the patio or in the gazebo, you’d add a chunk of candied pineapple on a decorative toothpick with a little umbrella, and let the sugar from the candied pineapple help sweeten the tea. Let’s Do Tea also sells scone mixes, and I suspect that some lemon scones would go *very* nicely with this.

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