The 8 Treasures from Let’s Do Tea

The 8 Treasures Green Tea from Let's Do Tea
This is a very unique and delicious Green Tea.  Comprised of EIGHT different types of green teas, as well as real chunks of dried pineapple and strawberry and natural flavors.

The eight “treasures” or eight different types of green tea are sencha (which is organic), gunpowder green tea, Mini Tuo Tea, Chun mee, Pai Mu Tan, Lung Ching (Dragon Well green tea), Snowbuds and Pi Lo Chun.    This tea gives a surprisingly mellow, smooth flavor for mixing all of those green teas together!  And actually {en:Pai_Mu_Tan_tea|Pai Mu Tan} as well as snowbuds are a White Tea, so technically they aren’t all “green tea” – two are white teas – but are all from the same plant.

Let’s Do Tea describes this tea as:

{en:Sencha} (Organic), {en:Gunpowder_green_tea|Gunpowder}, Mini {en:Tuo_cha|Tuo Tea}, {en:Chun_Mee_tea|Chun Mee}, {en:Pai_Mu_Tan_tea|Pai Mu Tan}, {en:Longjing_tea|Lung Ching}, Snowbuds, {en:Bi_Luo_Chun_tea|Pi Lo Chun}, Pineapple Bits, Strawberry Bits, Sunflower Blossoms, and Natural Flavourings.

This is a very tropical flavored green tea,  with highlights of strawberry and a hint of pineapple.  I really appreciated the smooth quality of the tea – there was absolutely no bitterness or sharp aftertaste.  When you smell it fresh in the tin, it has a very very strong tropical scent, which is somewhat more subtle upon brewing, but matches the teas in the blend perfectly! This is a fantastic tea for any time of day, and would also make a fantastic tropical iced tea!

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Thanks for reviewing these teas! I’ve been wanting to try some of LDT’s products, and it’s nice to get an outside take on one of their teas!

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