The Original™ Concentrate from Oregon Chai

Oregon Chai The Original Concentrate

This tea simply makes the best and most incredibly easy to prepare iced {en:chai} lattés.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever had a better iced {en:chai} anywhere.  Oregon Chai is a brand that absolutely defines quality Chai Tea, and this is where it all began.

To make this iced chai, it’s very simple…you simply put as much ice as you want in a glass, then fill the glass halfway with milk (or milk alternative) and half with this concentrate.  Stir and its ready to drink!  This concentrate blend can also be used to make a hot chai tea as well (instructions on box).

Oregon Chai describes this tea as:

This is where it all started. Where creation evolved to a higher plane. Where the sweet and spicy blend of Black Tea, honey, vanilla bean and spices brought perfection to your world. Experience nirvana after every cup – morning, noon or night.

An Original Chai Tea Latté has approximately 30-35 mg of caffeine per serving (same as a lightly brewed cup of black tea).

Ingredients:   Water, organic* {en:Cane_juice|evaporated cane juice}, {en:honey}, organic* spices, organic* black tea, {en:ginger}, organic* vanilla, organic* natural flavors and {en:Citric_acid|citric acid}. (*Organically grown and processed in accordance with the California Organic Food Act of 1990).

It really is a delicious chai tea, really incredible.  It comes pre-sweetened with (to me) the absolute perfect amount of sweetener.  It’s a very smooth, sweetly spiced tea with high quality organic ingredients.

Oregon Chai offers up the following recipe for this Original Concentrate Chai:

Caramel Chai Latte

The Original™ Concentrate – 7 oz.
Milk or Milk Substitute – 8 oz.
Caramel Sauce – 1 oz.

I would say that this is one chai that pleases everyone.  I let 5 different people taste this {en:chai}, and every one of those people said “WOW! That’s a good chai”.  This is a must-have tea in your refrigerator in the summertime – make an awesome iced chai latté in just seconds! Comes in 32 oz or 1.5 gallon sized packages and has a shelf life of 15 months!

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Aside from “from scratch” chai, I totally agree that Oregon Chai is the best there is. We used that at the café I worked at years ago for chai lattes and iced chai drinks. Love it.

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