Tippy Earl Grey from Golden Moon Tea

tippy-earl-greyI have really become addicted to the London Fog tea latte’s at Starbucks. Why? Because they make it with an Earl Grey tea that has a wonderful lavender flavor.

My preference would be to have a loose leaf Earl Grey tea to brew at home – but I’ve found it hard to find one that has that perfect blend of lavender.

But I’ve finally found it!!! Today I shared a pot of of Golden Moon Tea‘s “Tippy Earl Grey” with my daughter, and was so surprised and delighted! It has the lavender flavor I’ve been looking for, and is the highest, smoothest quality tea that I’ve ever tasted in an Earl Grey tea.

Golden Moon Tea says this about their “Tippy Earl Grey”:

It’s difficult to improve upon a tea so revered as Earl Grey. But we believe we’ve done so, in creating a Tippy Early Grey that takes the traditional and adds layers.

To start, the base of our Early Grey contains substantially more tips than others. This requires meticulous plucking, and lends a unending complexity to your cup.

Then, we add not just the traditional oil of bergamot, but fresh, fresh lavender that blends sublimely with the citrus of the former.

All real reasons many open-minded connoisseurs of Earl Grey claim that Golden Moon’s Tippy is the best Earl Grey they’ve ever sipped.

It’s obvious why this tea is so full bodied, yet so smooth. It’s because of the great blend of tips. And Golden Moon  Tea has found the perfect balance between bergamot (that is often much too strong in an Earl Grey – probably to cover up the lower quality of the tea) and fresh lavender.

One thing, both my daughter and I noticed, is that this tea has a slight sweetness to it, so if you sweeten your Earl Grey, you may want to taste it before adding any sweetener! I think the sweetness comes from the high quality tips.

I have found a new favorite! Sorry Starbucks… I’ll be brewing my own Tippy Earl Grey from now on!!!

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I love your blog! Being a wine enthusiast I can definitely appreciate the subtle nuances of such beverages as tea and coffee. In fact I have the urge to expand my palate in different directions all the time and I see tea as an amazingly complex and delicately nuanced beverage. Cheers!

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