Tipu’s Chai Slow Brew from Tipu’s Chai

Slow Brew Original Chai by Tipu's ChaiI give this a 10 out of 10 for a perfect {en:chai} tea!  Intially I was skeptical…after all it’s a powder that requires straining.  Although that seemed like an extra step in the brewing process, I found that it’s worth it in savoring the warming tea and spice of this Chai Tea.

The ingredients include organic Assam tea and spices such as {en:cardamom}, {en:cinnamon}, {en:allspice}, black pepper, {en:nutmeg}, {en:ginger}, mint and cloves.  It’s a VERY bold and spicy chai tea, and that warmth is enhanced by the brewing method and the inclusion of milk which gives it a creamy mouthfeel.

To brew Tipu’s Slow Brew Chai, you begin by heating 2 cups of water  and one slightly rounded teaspoon of Tipu’s Slow Brew Chai mix in a saucepan, and bringing it to a boil.  Simmer for 3 minutes then add 2/3 cup of milk or soy milk (I used 8th Continent soy milk and it was super delicious).  Bring back to a boil and simmer an additional 3 minutes.  At this point you have to strain the chai to remove the small grainy bits of tea and spices, then sweeten to taste and serve!

On the back of the package they suggest adding a Tbsp. of fresh grated ginger, however I added a large chunk of candied ginger (read my recipe for homemade candied ginger here) and it was a wonderful zingy complement to the tea.

Tipu’s Chai describes this tea as:

Crafted for home brewed chai. Brew slowly on your stovetop, add milk/soymilk and sweeten to taste. Strain and serve hot or cold. Organic Tea and spices.

At Tipu’s Chai we blend our own mix of spices and Organic Indian tea to create a bold, comforting balance of spiciness and depth.  Passed from my grandmother to my mother and then to me, this recipe has traveled a long way from Gujarat in India to Africa, England, Montana and now to your very own cup.  Enjoy in health. ~ Bipin Patel, President

The spices in this tea are the absolutely perfect balance of spice and “zing” in  your teacup.  So very delicious, this chai tea is pungent and strong…they make up what might be the world’s perfect chai tea, or close to it!  The powder that makes up the slow brew mix is fine grain, extraordinary spiced powder.

As one might imagine, this makes a FANTASTIC iced chai tea as well – just brew as directed then serve over ice!  You can make large batches to store in the fridge for instant iced chai tea anytime.  I just can’t emphasize how well-balanced this chai tea is.  It’s VERY spicy compared to some other chai teas, but I think it’s boldness works so well because instead of being sharp or biting, it is warming and soothing.  The zesty Assam tea base compliments all the warm spices perfectly.  Your palate will thank you!


Bipin Patel

Dear Tea Guru,

I very much appreciate your comments and am very happy you like our slow brew chai mix. I just wanted to make sure that its clear that the Assam tea is organic, but the spices are not certified organic. They are fresh and non radiated however.

I hope that you continue to enjoy a good cuppa chai!

Bipin Patel, Tipu´s Chai


Tea Guru,
Straining Tipu’s isn’t necessarily necessary. I leave the instant mix in and just don’t drink the settled stuff on the bottom (or sometimes I do depending on the “kick” I’m seeking). Either way, it’s a great cup of chai!

The Tea Guru

Hector: I agree, you do NOT need to strain their instant chai, however this is a review of their SLOW BREW chai, which does require straining as the spices are not as refined in the slow brew mix 🙂

The Tea Guru

Thank you for clarifying that! I’ve edited the review to include that correction – GREAT chai!

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